Woolworths shopper reveals how she scored this entire haul for FREE

People are always saying to shop smarter, and that's all the more relevant now with the rising cost of living biting into household budgets.

Luckily, Woolworths has come to the rescue with price freezes on lots of essentials, great weekly deals and member offers.

One woman discovered that you really can get all the offers to work for you, saving hundreds in the process.

"All FREE! So I only buy half-price items and always boost my buys when they come up on my app," Linda explained in her post to the Markdown Addicts Australia group on Facebook along with photos of all the products she got.

"In one month I got $50 rewards and worked out the best value to get all the half-price items I wanted. So these were all half-price and ended up free."

The woman's free haul including shampoo and conditioner, razors, dish washing liquid, toothpaste, toilet cleaner and hand wash
One woman got this huge haul FREE by shopping clever with Woolies. Photo: Facebook

She combined special in-store prices with in-app offers at Woolies and then with the points she gained from her shops, picked up a massive haul of more half-price products, effectively for free.

"I need to start shopping smarter too, thanks for the hints," one member said in the comments.

"Very savvy shopping well done," another wrote.

"This is the stuff I joined the page for!!! Yes my friend, I love this. Well done," a third added.

"You need to run classes.. love it!!" another said.

Others agreed that the supermarkets were really upping their game and rewarding their shoppers.

"I love the boosters and I just boost everything just to make sure I don't miss out and pick up something I haven't boosted," one person revealed.

The walls of Sydney's Town Hall Station are bedecked to resemble a Woolworths' supermarket shelf in Australia's first virtual supermarket, at Town Hall Station on February 19, 2012 in Sydney, Australia. The supermarket launched its virtual supermarket in Sydney's busy commuter hub to advertise the new Woolworths app, which will allow commuters to choose products, scan the product barcodes off the virtual supermarket wall, pay for their order and have the products delivered to their home or work.
The Woolworths app allows shoppers to get exclusive deals and discounts. Photo: Getty Images

"I’m not too sure how or why but did my weekly shop, came out to $158 and I got 2245 points!!!! Freaking over the moon," another added.

Woolworths wasn't the only place where shoppers were getting bargains either.

"Not Woolies but I love Coles," one member shared showing she had 192,000 points worth over $960 stored on her Flybuys card.

"This is just from this year and I also have about $200 on hubby's card," she added.

"I’m so similar! Have gotten about 100,000 points in the past 4 months. We do have 4 kids though, so always spend enough to qualify for every deal," another lady added.

There you have it folks - shop smarter and save.

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