Woolworths, Coles and Aldi laundry detergents ranked

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Interior of a real laundry room with a washing machine at home
Getting the right detergent for your washing machine will ensure clothes are washed thoroughly and come out cleaner. Source: Getty Images.

When it comes to showing your laundry a little love, the detergent you choose makes all the difference. But not all laundry products are created equal, particularly when it comes to what they promise vs the price.

While there’s a huge range of choices on the market, there are some that work better than others to not only clean your clothes but keep your washing machine in good working order too.

But the goal of getting beautifully clean clothes doesn’t solely rely on picking a powerful detergent. It’s a combination of using a good-performing machine and a detergent that works well with it.

Why the type of machine you have matters

Front loader detergents usually get a higher rating in product testing surveys and there’s a good reason why.

The laundry is one of the most used rooms in the house, along with the appliances that belong in it. If you’ve owned both a front loader and a top loader machine before, you may have noticed a difference in how well clothes are washed.


That’s because front loaders have been found to wash clothes more effectively because the motion of the machine drum works differently from a top loader.

That’s not to say a top loader won’t effectively clean clothes, it will. The motion of the drum, water flow and distribution of the detergent however is different.

The best brands for front loaders

Washing detergent influences the longevity of clothes and certain products definitely work harder to keep whites whiter, colours brighter and materials feeling soft.

A recent study by consumer brand CHOICE revealed some very surprising results when it came to performance vs price tag.

Omo Laundry Detergent Triple Capsules came out on top for front loaders, closely followed by Cole’s Ion Laundry Liquid Concentrate. But at 73 cents per wash, the Omo brand isn’t the cheapest option.

That being said, it appears to be the detergent of choice amongst stain-eliminating experts who regularly have messy clothes amongst their wash.

Omo Laundry Detergent Triple Capsules and Cole’s Ion Laundry Liquid Concentrate and the two top choices for front loaders.

In the popular Facebook group, Mums Who Clean, the Omo detergent range for front loaders was the clear favourite.

“Omo - I’ve tried others and always go back,” one avid cleaner said when asked which laundry brands are the best.

Others enthusiastically agreed, but also pointed out that Biozet was equally as effective for ditching the dirt.


“I have a front loader and I use Omo or Biozet, whichever is on offer at the time. Comfort for softener,” one person said.

“I use Biozet and have a front loader and my clothes are never hard or faded. I use half or even quarter of what is recommended and sometimes vinegar in the softener dispenser and sometimes watered down softener and clothes, towels & linen are always clean, soft & smell great,” said another.

A poll on the popular page also revealed that Dynamo and Biozet brands were the preferred products in eliminating dirty laundry smells too. Omo topped the poll with 256 group members saying it smelt the best followed by 135 opting for Biozet.

The best brands for top loaders

Surprisingly, Aldi's budget brand Trimat Advanced Concentrate powder topped the list for top loader machines in CHOICE's performance test.

It’s not only a clear cleaning winner but a cheap alternative too at just 27cents a wash. Devoted Aldi fans give it the tick of approval too.

Aldi's budget Trimat Advanced Concentrate powder came out on top for top loaders followed by Omo Laundry Detergent Ultimate.

“My favourite Aldi powder. I'm the same with washing powder and tend to be a bit of a brand snob as they call it, but this stuff is awesome, doesn't clump and smells gooood,” one person said on the Aldi Mums Facebook page.

Fans of the Aldi Trimat washing powder love the whole range too including the fabric softener, with one fan saying: “Yes love it. Teamed with the Aldi pre-soaked. A great combo!”

Three detergents came in a close second including Omo Laundry Detergent Ultimate, Coles Lemon Fresh Hot and Cold Wash powder, and Coles Ultra Concentrate powder.

The under-performers

Not every laundry detergent came out on top, in fact, CHOICE’s test found a long list of products that didn't make the cut for clothes cleanliness.

The test revealed that these detergents were almost the same as washing in plain water, meaning their cleaning power was pretty minimal.

The frontloader underperformers included, Woolworths Essentials Powder, Coles Lemon Fresh Hot & Cold Liquid and Woolworths Essentials Clean Wash Apple Liquid.

Meanwhile, the weakest washing powders for top loader machines were Tru Earth Eco-Strips Fresh Linen, Euca Soft Wash Premium Liquid and Coles Lemon Fresh Hot & Cold Wash Liquid.

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