Fisher & Paykel, Simpson and more: Guide to the top clothes dryers

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Cold, damp weather isn't conducive to drying clothes. And in a time when we're all at home more than ever, having wet clothes hanging around the house isn't ideal.

Clothes dryers, also known as tumble dryers, can be a great addition to a laundry room, and save some serious time when it comes to drying clothes, especially big items such as sheets.

What sort of clothes dryer should I buy?

Vented dryers pump the hot humid air they collect from your washing straight out to the surrounds. This means you either need to install it in a room with extremely good ventilation, or buy it with a ducting kit so you can pump this air outside. They're cheap to buy and can be wall mounted to save space.


Condenser dryers use a heat exchanger to condense moisture from the exhaust air and either collect it in a reservoir or drain it away. It won't make a laundry room as moist as a vented dryer, but you'll need to regularly empty the condenser tank, or plumb it in to a drain. They can be more expensive to run, and are heavier than vented dryers, so can't be wall hung.

Heat Pump condenser dryers work in the same way as a reverse-cycle air conditioner, heating the air to dry clothes. They can be expensive to buy, but cheap to run as they use less energy than other dryers. They re-use rather than vent heat, so they don't make laundries damp. You still need to empty the condenser tank regularly though.

Tips for buying and using a clothes dryer:

  • Keep your lint filter clean. A blocked lint filter means air can't circulate as easily through the clothes. This makes the dryer less efficient. Clean your filter after every use.

  • Use the highest spin speed on your washing machine before you put them in the dryer. This removes more water so the clothes dryer won't have to work as hard.

  • Open a window if possible when using a clothes dryer to prevent moisture building up in the room.

Here are some of the best options on the market:

Fisher & Paykel 8kg Heat Pump Dryer DH8060P1, $1599. It isn't cheap but this regularly comes up as one of the best dryers around, with high ratings from customers. With a 7 star energy rating, it has 3 different drying cycles, including a short 30 minute cycle, and uses lower temperatures than conventional dryers. It's designed for households of three to four people and is easy to install.

Fisher & Paykel 8kg Heat Pump Dryer DH8060P1
Fisher & Paykel 8kg Heat Pump Dryer DH8060P1, $1599, is one of the best on the market. Credit: Bing Lee


Simpson 4.5kg Vented Dryer SDV457HQWA, $399. Great for small spaces, this vented dryer is narrower than most standard dryers. It has a reverse tumbling cycle, a delicates cycle and can be wall-mounted. It gets good reviews from customers across the board.

Simpson 4.5kg Vented Dryer SDV457HQWA,
The Simpson 4.5kg Vented Dryer SDV457HQWA, $399 is great for small spaces. Credit: Bing Lee

Euromaid 6kg Condenser Dryer CD6KG, $899. This is a good option for a condenser dryer. It's good for couples and small families, and has a sensor technology which is designed to minimise wear and tear on your clothes. It has nine programs, including a delicates cycle, and a two-year manufacturer warranty.

 Euromaid 6kg Condenser Dryer CD6KG
The Euromaid 6kg Condenser Dryer CD6KG, $899, is good for small families and couples. Credit:

Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg/5kg Washer Dryer Combo WD8560F1, $1399. If you're after a washer-dryer combo, then this gets consistently good reviews. It's a good space saver if you don't have room for a washing machine and clothes dryer, and features 10 wash cycles. It has a 5 star water ratings and 3.5 dry energy rating.

Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg/5kg Washer Dryer Combo WD8560F1
The Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg/5kg Washer Dryer Combo WD8560F1, $1399 is a good washer-dryer combination option. Credit: The Good Guys


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