$8 Woolies item transforms 'gross' common cleaning oversight

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Keeping a house clean is no mean feat for most people. From roof to basement, making sure every surface is wiped, every tile scrubbed and every window sparkling is beyond what most can manage.

That said, making sure everything is at least clean on a basic level is, of course, important to everyone, and it seems many of us may be skipping over one spot that could be far dirtier than we think.

The common oversight was highlighted this week by a very observant mum, who was shocked when what she thought was surface damage turned out to have been a build-up of serious grime.

What looked like a blackened drain was actually far dirtier than one mum thought. Photo: Supplied

Sharing a snap of the ‘gross’ buildup to Facebook, the mum revealed she didn’t realise just how dirty her drain had become until she gave it a little extra TLC with a brand new product.

The before photo would have many believing the drain cover was black, but the second photo shows sparkling stainless steel was lurking beneath all along.

“First photo is gross,” she wrote alongside the impressive transformation. “I only ever mop over the drain, super surprised at how easy it was to clean.”

The woman explained she had tried to scrub the drain clean several times to no avail, and eventually gave up and just stuck to a simple mop.

The drain was unrecognisable after she took to it with. the$8 item from Woolies. Photo: Supplied

It wasn’t until she was recommended a little-known product that she saw the impressive results.

The woman pulled off the impressive cleaning job using Bar Keeper’s Friend Cleanser and Polish, an environmentally friendly product that promises to remove rust, metal tarnish, mineral deposits, and stains.

Best of all, it retails for just $8 from Woolworths.

The dirty shower drain was completely transformed by the $8 item. Photo: Supplied

The unsightly drain problem is a common one if the gobsmacked reaction’s to the results are anything to go by, and occurs when the metal reacts to bleach products used to clean bathroom floors.

Many assumed the blackened metal was simply damaged until the impressive photo showed them otherwise.

“I’d always thought those marks were damage, not grime!” one woman confessed. “Great work!”

“I tried Gumption on ours. Wouldn't budge. Not even the tiniest bit. I'll give this a go,” another wrote.

“Works a treat,” another agreed.

Some warned that if left on for too long the product can remove the top layer of chrome on a drain, and a spot test is recommended before you go full dirt banisher on your drains.

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