Woman's trip to London with $5 Coles mud cake stuns TikTok

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A travel blogger has gone viral after sharing a throwback video of a time she delivered a Coles mud cake from Perth all the way to her friend in the UK.

Imogen Blow shared the video - which was filmed in 2018 - on TikTok this week, documenting the baked good's travels through three airports, customs, and even a train ride, before reaching its destination 42 hours later in London.

Imogen Blow tiktok cake journey
Imogen documented the cake's journey in a video filmed in 2018. Photo: TikTok/ImogenBlow

"Even in the toilet #traveltiktok #travelthrowback," the 25-year-old captioned the video, which has been viewed close to 100K times.

All up the cake can be seen heading through the airport in Perth, then Abu Dhabi and London. It get's stored in the overhead lockers during the flight and is otherwise carried around by Imogen, who even takes the cake with her for toilet stops.


Once in the UK, the cake even gets a ride on London's famous underground tube, before Imogen finally reunites with her friend who she "hadn't seen in 6 months", presenting her with the cake for her Birthday.

Her friend was clearly overjoyed, and shared her excitement over the cake - even though she called it a 'Woolies' mud cake - before taking a bite almost immediately.

TikTok Imogen placing mud cake on plane
She stored it in the overhead lockers. Photo: TikTok/ImogenBlow
tik tok coles mud cake travel
And took it for a ride on the London Tube. Photo: TikTok/ImogenBlow

The video has received thousands of views and ‘likes’, with one person calling the epic trip "crazy".

"OMG this crazy," they commented.

"Can we just appreciate how grateful her friend is," another said.

"This is such a solid effort," was another response.

Speaking to news.com.au, Imogen said the cake "honestly tasted as good as the day I got it".

"The hardest part was slipping it into the overhead lockers without anyone stuffing their bag on top."

tiktok coles mudcake in london
Her friend was very excited for the cake, even though she thought it was from Woolworths. Photo: TikTok/ImogenBlow

A few people were adamant the Woolworths version of the popular mud cake was better than the Coles one, particularly after her friend mistakenly thought it was from Woolies when she first received it.

"All that effort and it wasn't from Woolworths," one person quipped.

"Imagine getting halfway across the world and she clearly loves the Woolies one not Coles," another said, to which Imogen replied: "I know!"

Despite this, it appeared all had gone well, until in a follow up comment on her post Imogen shared a sad revelation.

"After that bite she FORGOT it on the train and that was it," she revealed.

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