Woolworths' iconic mud cake transformed into stunning wedding cake for just $20

It’s the iconic Woolworths mud cake that has been a staple on the majority of Aussie kitchen tables for birthday parties for years now.

But now, one mum has completely transformed the delicious $4.80 sweet treat, by making it into an ombre wedding cake which looks like it costs a lot more than it does.

Woolworths chocolate mud cake
A mum has transformed the iconic $4.80 Woolworths mud cake into a wedding cake. Photo: Tik Tok/@messynessy89
Ombre wedding cake using Woolworths cakes
The result is stunning. Photo: Tik Tok/@messynessy89

For just $20, 31-year-old Vanessa from Brisbane, who goes by the name messynessy89 on Tik Tok, has created a stunning creation, using just three cakes, some icing and artificial flowers for the top.

She uploaded a video of the process to her Tik Tok, showing her using three mud cakes from Woolworths to create a single-tier look.

Photo: Tik Tok/@messynessy89
Vanessa uses icing in between each later of cakes. Photo: Tik Tok/@messynessy89

She puts filling in between each layer before stacking them on top of each other and then smooths out the whole cake by coating it with a thin layer of frosting.

Photo: Tik Tok/@messynessy89
Then she smoothes the outside to make it look like a one-tier cake. Photo: Tik Tok/@messynessy89

Then, Vanessa added a couple of artificial flowers on the top and the beautiful creation was finished.

“That’s awesome and cost effective,” one person wrote online.

“Thank you for this. If it aint broke..just fix it a little bit,” another person wrote.

Photo: Tik Tok/@messynessy89
The 31-year-old mum from Brisbane has filled her Tik Tok up with epic baking hacks. Photo: Tik Tok/@messynessy89

Vanessa’s Instagram page is filled with hacks for giving the much-loved Woolies cake a makeover.

Another video shows her transforming it into a Malteaser’-lover’s dream cake, while another details how she made it into a strawberry-topped chocolate drip cake.

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