TikToker's brutal clapback after date wants to know how 'fat' she is

TikTok user Haley @hay.bay.bay has shared the brutal clapback she made on a dating app after a potential match wanted to know if she was ‘fat’.

Sharing a screenshot of their chat, she showed users that the man had been digging for information to see what body size she was.

Haley smiles for the camera on TikTok while her text exchange is in the background.
Haley wrote in her caption, "Dating online is so much fun." Photo: TikTok/hay.bay.bay

Without beating around the bush, Haley asked him directly, “You want to make sure I’m not fat, huh.”

His shocking reply was straight to the point, “I like skinny girls, yes.”

Digging himself a deeper hole he added, “Not like super, super skinny. But good enough to look good in a bikini if that makes sense.”

Screenshot of Haley's messages to the suitor including her brutal clapback. Photo: TikTok/hay.bay.bay
Haley's brutal clapback went viral on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/hay.bay.bay

It didn't take long for Haley to put together a brutal response.

“Oh, well I like smart guys,” she began.

“Not like smart enough to do brain surgery, but smart enough to not say dumb things like that.”


Haley shared a clip of this exchange to TikTok, with the caption "Online dating is so much fun."

Her video quickly went viral as people started praising Haley for her clapback and she gained over 477,000 views.

TikTok user Haley sang along to Piano Man by Billy Joel. Photo: TikTok/hay.bay.bay
TikTok user Haley sang along to Piano Man by Billy Joel. Photo: TikTok/hay.bay.bay

One person commented, “At least he’s passing out red flags at the door!”

Another user wrote, “Your response is PHENOMENAL.”

A third added that Haley was an “absolute queen for that response”.

Some TikTok users defended the man, saying he was simply being honest and upfront.

Haley pinned a comment that said, “Why can’t a person be honest about what they like?”

She was quick to reply, saying “I was. I like smart men.”

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