Bachelor star Steph's savage response to being dumped praised: 'Spectacular'

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Stephanie Lynch may not have won the heart of Jimmy Nicholson but her brutal response to being dumped during Wednesday night's episode of The Bachelor Australia seems to have won her a legion of fans.

The 27-year-old was pulled aside by Jimmy during the cocktail party, so he could ask about 'rumours' he had heard that she was still not over her ex partner.

Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson and Stephanie Lynch
Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson said goodbye to Stephanie Lynch on the show. Photo: Channel 10

Jimmy told Steph he had a 'wow' moment when he first saw her on the red carpet, but then his mum said "that you spoke about your ex".

Steph denied ever speaking about her ex, to which Jimmy replied: "I don't wanna sit here and have an argument with you."

"Do you genuinely see something here with me? Cause if not, I think we should just call it a day," he added.

To which Steph simply said: "I'm very happy to leave."


But her reaction to the cameras was vastly different.

On her way out of the mansion Steph said: "Am I ok? Yeah, dude. I'm (*****) ecstatic. I would marry my ex a thousand times before I would get with Jimmy."

Stephanie Lynch leaves the bachelor
Steph's exit speech was 'savage'. Photo: Channel 10

Her savage response to being booted was applauded by many viewers on Twitter after the show.

"Steph's exit was everything I wanted it to be," one fan wrote.

"Talk about going out on the blaze of glory!!" another agreed.

"Steph's parting shot was awesome," was another response.

While even host Osher Gunsberg chimed in saying: "Can I give Steph her Logie? That was spectacular!"

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