‘Savage baby’ shuts down dad’s singing in the funniest way

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This baby girl had enough of her dad’s antics and got the sweetest revenge.

We love our dads, which means we also love teasing them. It’s amazing how parenting can turn grown men into lovable cornballs.

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But sometimes, no matter how much we appreciate our dads, the secondhand embarrassment is just too much to bear.

One baby girl was totally over the dad jokes and found the perfect way to not so subtly shut her father down.

Back in 2020, TikTok dad @tworcubed shared a video of him playing with his daughter, Rae.

“Rae loves my singing,” the father captioned the video.

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The little girl was sitting in the kitchen sink while the dad was using the faucet as a microphone.

“I love it when you call me,” the father passionately lip-synced.

But just as he was getting into the groove, Rae turned the faucet on. Dad got a huge splash of water in his face. And, well, Rae finally got some peace.

The video racked up 20.7 million views on TikTok. People thought Rae’s move was hilarious.

“OMG. She does not like your singing,” someone joked.

“Savage baby,” another said.

“She said singing is not for you,” a person commented.

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