Sam Armytage distances herself from Sunrise in brutal clap back to troll

It’s been more than a year since she said goodbye to morning television, but it seems the trolls are still chasing Samantha Armytage.

The TV journalist, who was at the helm of Seven’s Sunrise for almost eight years, shared a comment she recently received from an anonymous Instagram account accusing her of ‘overacting’ and isolating ‘intelligent Australians’.

The person failed to notice, however, that Sam is no longer a part of the morning TV world, and hasn’t been for some time - as she pointed out in her reply.

selfie of Samantha Armytage
Samantha Armytage has distanced herself from morning TV in a brutal clap back to a troll on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/sam_armytage

“Yourself and the rest of the Sunrise and Today show teams is the reason why myself and other intelligent Australians choose to watch ABC News Breakfast. Less bulls**t and overreacting,” the person wrote.

To which Sam replied, “Dear Sir, thx for taking the time to message me, but I haven't been part of the show for over 13 months (obvs, you've been watching closely).”


After distancing herself from her former show, she turned her attention to the troll’s claim about being an ‘intelligent Australian’, brutally adding, “PS. Your intelligence shines through in your wonderful grammar. And first-class prose.”

Alongside a screenshot of the exchange which she shared on Instagram, Sam conceded, “There are times in life, you’ve just got to respond…”

Her fans were quick to rally behind the 45-year-old, with many praising her response and wishing she were still on Sunrise.

screenshot of sam armytage replying to troll on instagram
Her followers were loving her response. Photo: Instagram/sam_armytage

“This is the best response!” one person said, while another commented, “Well said Sam what a toss! If it’s any consolation I miss your beautiful smiley face each morning.”

Another wisely noted that, “Clearly there's a market for Channel 7 type viewers or it wouldn't be on air, like there is for ABC. Watch what you wanna watch and move on”.

One person did question whether responding to trolls is really worth it, saying, “Delete, block or ignore would've been better Sam.”

In an Instagram story that shared the same screenshot of the exchange, Sam herself also said that she normally does “ignore the anonymous fools, but this was toooooo good..”.

selfie of Sam armytage with her husband Richard Lavender
Sam is now living her best life in the country with her husband. Photo: Instagram/sam_armytage

When she farewelled Sunrise in March last year, Sam hit out at the 'snarkiness' and 'bullying' she had faced during her time on the show, and said she was seeking some ‘peace and calm’.

Since then, she’s moved to the NSW Southern Highlands with her husband Richard Lavender and is living her best life.

She told The Daily Telegraph last year: “I barely brush my hair and put a bit of lipstick on these days, and it is lovely.”

Sam now hosts a podcast, Something To Talk About, for Stellar magazine, and her position on the Sunrise desk was filled by long-time news reporter Natalie Barr.

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