Child's plane outfit slammed over 'annoying' headwear: 'I'd go insane'

Some believe the child's hat was inconsiderate while others thought it was fun. What do you think?

When it comes to air travel most simply hope to grin and bear their time on the plane, but one child's bright plane outfit recently made it much more difficult for fellow passengers to relax.

In a video posted online the youngster sported what appears to be a unicorn hat with moving ears and flashing lights, illuminating the cabin with multicolours.

The child's bright plane outfit consists of a flashing unicorn hat with moving ears, with the child sitting beside an adult who watches on.
The child's bright plane outfit sparked a debate online, with some calling it 'annoying' while others thought it was fun. Source: TikTok/malecastellonn

The outfit has sparked debate online about plane etiquette and whether the flashing hat was considerate of other people on the plane. Many noted it was possibly a long-haul or overnight flight as most other passengers had their lights dimmed.

The adult sitting beside the child appears to watch on and does not intervene while many on the plane are looking in the child's direction as the glaring lights flash on and off.

The child appears to know they are being recorded as they smile when the camera lands on their face and moves the hat's ears up and down.

Child's flashing hat divides opinions

Over 3,000 people commented on the video and weighed in with their thoughts, with many seeing the lighter side of the situation.

"She is ready to party," one joked, while another shared how much they "loved the hat" and referred to the child as a "queen".

Yet many others said they would find the hat incredibly "annoying" and "would go insane" if they were seated next to the child and their flashing hat.

"I would lose my mind," one person wrote, while another said, "I'd be crying hysterically."

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