Woman sparks furious debate with 'selfish' airport act: 'Infuriating'

A woman has been caught making a ‘selfish’ mistake while waiting at the airport.

She was seen waiting to check in for her flight but refused to move forwards with the line, opting to leave the space in front of her empty instead.

A  photo of a blonde lady standing with luggage with a clear space ahead of her in an airport queue, found on reddit
A woman has been slammed for her rude act at the airport. Photo: Reddit

The photo was shared to popular online forum website Reddit and showed the woman staring at her phone while in the queue.

“This girl at the airport waits until the queue moves all the way forward to move. People confronted her and she said ‘it’s the same if I move now or later’,” the caption read.

The post quickly racked up thousands of comments, with many users having a strong opinion.


Some slammed the woman for her ‘infuriating’ actions and labelled her as ‘selfish’.

“It’s irritating as s**t. I’ll bet she sits in the front of the plane and takes 20 minutes to get her s**t out of the overhead compartment when the plane lands,” one person wrote.

“It shows she is inconsiderate of others and LAZY. Doing the minimal possible instead of being in sync, focused, and involved. Looks like the line was interfering with her online activities. She just wanted more time online and waited until she HAD or was required to move,” another added.

“I want people to be able to enter the line. This s**t causes congestion further back,” a third pointed out.

“I don’t get this self-entitled attitude, just cause you over packed and don’t wanna push your s**t around doesn’t mean you gotta back the line all the way up,” another wrote.

However, there were a fair amount of people who argued that leaving a gap in the queue doesn’t actually make the wait any longer for other travellers.

“I wouldn’t do this because I know that it would piss people off. But if she’s in front of me, I would definitely be appreciative. It’s annoying to move your stuff every 30 seconds for no reason,” a user admitted.

“I don’t understand why people feel the need to line up basically in my pocket. It makes no difference to how soon you’ll be seen to but you insist on being right next to me,” a second wrote.

“Makes no difference to where anyone is in the queue if she shuffles along with them or waits a while. Get over it,” another remarked.

“This is legit the most optimal way. You move once and you are done. People don’t like doing this differently. I definitely wouldn’t do what she’s doing but I wouldn’t be bothered by it either,” a fourth chimed in.

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