Man slammed for horrific act on plane: 'Putrid’

A man has been slammed for his ‘gross’ behaviour with his bare feet while travelling on an aeroplane.

The disgruntled passenger revealed on Reddit that the man sitting behind her kept ‘scratching’ her calves with his bare toes during the flight.

Photo from Reddit showing a man's toes peeking out under a seat next to someone's legs
A man has been slammed for his 'gross' act on a plane. Photo: Reddit/mildlyinfuriating

Posting a photo of the man’s toes online, the passenger explained the situation occurred as she flew from Mexico to California.

“Unwanted footsie. Man behind me wore shoes without socks and took them off on the plane. He kept scratching my calves with his rough ass toes. How would you have handled this situation?,” she wrote.

The photo shows the man’s toes peeking out from under the seat, in close proximity to the passenger’s legs.


Lots of people were outraged, and were quick to encourage the passenger to take revenge.

“The only correct response is to actively f**k with his feet in ways that worsen in severity as the flight continues or until he learns his lesson,” one wrote.

“I’m not normally a violent person, but I would have stomped that mofo’s toes. That’s just weird and gross!” another added.

“Cold water spill, if that won’t work proceed to spill soda. No diet soda. Sugared soda only. Make sure his socks stick to his putrid toes,” a third wrote.

L: A person with their feet on the seat. R: A person's hair covers a plane seat
People often post 'disgusting' plane habits on Reddit. Photo: Reddit/mildlyinfuriating

Another user even said that they had been through the exact same situation, and detailed how they dealt with it.

“I felt two feet rubbing both of my calves…my brother decided to put his leg behind mine. So the second time the man attempted to pull a footsie on my poor calves, my brother stepped hard on his foot!”

Not everybody sided with the passenger, with one person even saying it was partially her fault.

“I’m not blaming you, but I would’ve worn pants. He’s in your ‘space’. Did you change pants on the plane? Seems like you made a decision to wear shorts. How’d you know the flight was going to be hot? Truth is, I hate seeing his feet and your knee,” they wrote.

The passenger didn’t hold back and had the perfect reply.

“Wait, was it you sitting behind me?” she retorted.

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