Woman shamed by boyfriend's dad for revealing bikini: 'Disgusting'

A woman has revealed she was shamed by her boyfriend's dad on a family trip for a revealing bikini she wore on a boat.

Explaining the situation on Reddit, the 22-year-old woman said she joined her boyfriend's family for their annual beach trip.

She said she packed nice dresses and a bikini that was "more modest" than she would usually wear.

"This one is still a bikini, but is full coverage unlike my others," she said.

"I know his family can be a little more conservative, so I kept that in mind when packing. I even went over everything I packed with my boyfriend."

During the trip, the woman and her boyfriend had planned to join his two brothers, sister-in-law, and parents on a boat.

The woman said she wore her bikini, which she described as a "typical black bikini, full coverage bottoms, not cheeky or anything", and a cover up.

She claimed nobody said anything about her swimsuit as they were leaving or when they were on the boat and it wasn't until that night she discovered people had an issue with it.

 Young woman relaxing and sunbathing on sailing boat in sea.
The woman claimed her bikini was 'more modest' than what she would normally wear. Source: Getty

"We were all drinking on the boat, with the exception of my boyfriend's sister-in-law because she's pregnant, and we continued drinking when we got back," she explained.

"So after dinner, we were all pretty wasted. When we were talking about our time on the boat, my boyfriend's dad made a comment about how everyone was staring at me because of my 'slu**y bikini'.

"I was embarrassed and just laughed it off, but then everyone else chimed in to comment on it."

The woman added her boyfriend's mum said she too would "wear nothing" if she were young again, while her boyfriend's older brother said it "didn't leave anything to the imagination and that if he were single he would have tried to steal me away".


"That comment made me pretty uncomfortable, and I could tell it made his wife uncomfortable too," she said.

"My boyfriend just laughed along with all of this, didn't even see anything wrong with it.

"I know they were just joking, but what they said really bothered me and made me feel uncomfortable. I'm not sure my boyfriend doesn't get that.

"He just keeps saying that they were joking around, but it obviously wasn't very funny to me so now he's saying I ruined the trip by moping around the rest of the time."

People on Reddit were on the young woman's side, saying the comments about her bikini were inappropriate.

"If [your boyfriend] is fine with people essentially calling you a 'sl*t', that's a huge red flag," one commented.

"This is disgusting and her boyfriend has shown her that this is what she can look forward to with him as a partner," another said.

"I’m not sure whose comment is more creepy and gross, the dad or the brother," a third added.

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