Bachelorette's Georgia Love shares little-known flight hack

Bachelorette star Georgia Love has shared a little-known hack with her followers for how to get some shut-eye while flying in economy.

Sharing a video to her Instagram, Georgia said she was "today years old ... when I found out a lot of you don't know about this?!"

She then filmed herself leaning her head back into the headrest, before pulling the sides of it forward to ensure her head will stay in a comfortable position and not flop around while she sleeps.

Georgia love sits on a plane with an eye mask on her head while wearing a face mask.
Georgia Love shared a little-known plane hack with her followers. Source: Instagram

People were shocked by the revelation, with one asking why it was "not common knowledge", to which Georgia replied, "I don't know!"

"That little gadget is the sole thing that makes long-haul economy flights bearable," another commented.

"Most airlines have them. They’ve been around for quite a while now," somebody added.

"I didn't know this??" a third said.


Georgia and her husband Lee Elliott, who she met on her season of The Bachelorette, often share snaps of their worldly travels.

Earlier this year however the pair found themselves in hot water when they shared photos on Instagram from their holiday in Saudi Arabia.

“After only opening to tourists in 2019, we can't state how excited we are to be among the first Aussies to tour Saudi,” she captioned her now-deleted post, which had tagged the country’s official tourism account.

“To us, it is important to see, experience and learn about all cultures around us and to see how much and how fast our world is changing. We can't wait to bring you along on this incredible experience with us.”

Georgia’s post was quickly met with an onslaught of criticism from fans, who called her decision to travel to the Middle Eastern country “sad and disappointing”.

Georgia told Stellar Magazine a month later she struggled to cope with intense backlash.

She added that she believes social media users have become “very angry and unforgiving” through the stress of the pandemic, and that people like her “should be able to say sorry, show they are sorry, and move on”.

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