Woman shocked after twin's 'disgusting' OnlyFans act: 'Betrayed'

Subscription-based website OnlyFans has become increasingly popular over the past few years, boasting high-profile celebrity content creators such as Bella Thorne and multiple reality stars.

Now, a woman has claimed that her twin sister impersonated her on the predominantly adult-based site.

Picture of OnlyFans styled woman wearing black lingerie on a bed
The Reddit user said that she was furious when discovering the OnlyFans account. Photo: Getty

Posting her story on Reddit, the 18-year-old said she showed the OnlyFans account to her parents as soon as she found out.

“[We] have always had a tumultuous and competitive relationship. We’ve always fought over everything; guys, clothes, friends etc but our relationship came to a halt a few weeks ago when a mutual guy friends of ours sent me a link to an OnlyFans profile, with an attached message that stated ‘this you?’,” she began.

“I clicked on the link and was shocked to discover that the profile belonged to my twin sister. The profile picture was very clearly a scantily clad image of her, and the username was my nickname that literally everyone in my life uses.

“[It] included dozens of videos of her doing…spicy things to say the least, solo and with partners, all of which [show] her face,” she wrote.


The teenager added that she showed her sister’s OnlyFans account to her parents ‘in a fit of rage’.

“Literally anyone who saw that profile that knows us would immediately assume that it’s me considering she’s basically going by my name. Our parents forced her to delete the profile and she hasn’t spoken to me since, claiming that I not only ruined her main source of income, but also betrayed her trust.

“However, I think that she betrayed my trust by going by my nickname,” she added.

The majority of Reddit users sided with her, with some even saying that her twin owes her a cut of her OnlyFans earnings for ‘identity theft’.

“She exploited your identity for profit. She’s lucky you only told your parents, instead of suing her,” a user pointed out.

“By being your identical twin and using your own nickname, she’s essentially posing as you and this could have serious consequences in real life, such as if a potential employer found it and assumed it was you. Why on earth wouldn’t she go with a different ‘stage name’? Do you think maybe she did that on purpose to f**k with you?” another asked.

“This is a huge issue, much bigger than the OF account. You have no idea how far she took it, whether she’s using your nickname somewhere else or not! This needs to be taken seriously. This is not as simple as getting this account deleted,” a third chimed in.

“It is absolutely disgusting for her to impersonate you. If she wanted to start an OF and make money, she could’ve made up any name under the sun. She chose your nickname on purpose so she could blame you for the account if it ever got out. Absolutely horrendous behaviour, completely disrespectful and violating,” another commented.

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