Woman shamed for 'inappropriate' dress outside a church: 'Offended'

A young woman has been shamed for wearing an ‘inappropriate’ dress while standing outside a Catholic Church.

Brianna shared a photo of herself posing on church steps in a black elegant dress with a modest neckline and a thigh-high split.

Reddit user Brianna posing outside a church
Brianna shared photos of the messages and her outfit on Reddit. Photo: Reddit

Although the photo seemed innocent, Brianna’s father got two scathing messages from an ‘offended’ friend.

“I posted these photos on Facebook from a gala I went to last weekend and this is the DM my dad received,” Brianna wrote on Reddit.


The first message read: “I’m sending this private message because I don’t want to post publicly. I’m deeply saddened and disturbed that you and Brianna would pose in front of [redacted] Catholic Church.

“I suppose I really don’t mind using the church as a backdrop, but several of her pictures, appearing to show her legs, seems inappropriate. Would you pose like that in front of [redacted] Baptist Church? I don’t think so.

“I attend [redacted] and that’s why I’m sensitive. I suggest you take down those few pictures which she is posing with so much of her leg showing. She is a beautiful lady!”

Screenshot of Facebook messages sent to Brianna's father
A woman sent long messages shaming the Redditor for her 'showing leg'. Photo: Reddit

Brianna’s father ignored the message, but received another one just an hour later.

“This is my second message…Brianna is beautiful. But I am offended by the provocative poses in front of [redacted] church. That’s disrespectful to everyone at the Catholic Church and simply not acceptable. Please take down from your posts those provocative poses,” the friend wrote.

Brianna was only pictured standing and smiling in front of the church, so people were extremely baffled by the ‘provocative’ comment.

She even added that she wore this exact dress to her Baptist school’s prom in 2015.

Two photos of Reddit user Brianna posing in a black dress outside a church
Brianna was accused of acting 'provocatively' in front of the church. Photo: Reddit

“As a Catholic who is fairly modest (by choice), I would wear that dress into church for a fancy wedding. It’s beautiful, and so are you. Whoever PMed your dad is insane,” one person wrote.

“I started to get really hot and bothered by the sight of her ankle, but then I remembered this isn’t the 1800’s,” another quipped.

“Because the problem is not if God was looking (he actually sees the leg anyways) but if her husband could see it,” a third pointed out.

“I’ve seen girls who go into Mass looking like they’re either allergic to fabric, or they’re going to turn tricks right after confession. And here’s Ms. Holier-Than-Thou, graciously appointing herself to be the head of the Roman Catholic Tastefulness Brigade. What does she want OP to dress in, a habit?” asked another.

Brianna also shared his father’s reaction, which many people applauded.

“He kept his share of my post up and ignored their messages, and then asked my brother to block her because he did not know how to himself,” she said.

Although Brianna isn’t a member of this particular church, she works as a photographer and has taken thousands of photos on the steps.

“I’ve met the pastor multiple times while photographing there and they have been nothing but kind and welcoming and offered for me to take photos there whenever I want,” she added.

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