Woman's long list of first date rules for men goes viral on TikTok

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A woman has shared the rules she sticks by when going on a first date - and they are strict.

Taking to her TikTok, the YouTuber and podcast host said she is a “seasoned pro at first dates” and has her routine down for when she meets up with a new person.

woman's list of first date rules
A woman's list of first date rules has gone viral on TikTok. Photo: Instagram/brookemiccio

Her number one rule is that she’s doing to wear heels to see if they are lying about their height.

“Every man on every dating app adds a few inches, which is fine but I am 5’7 so it’s just embarrassing if I show up in two-inch heels and we’re the same height. Like you’re lying about something, so just be honest,” she said.


Her second rule is that she usually arrives three to five minutes late for the date because “I want you to already be sitting down and have the table, or tell me exactly when I’m meeting you. Because I just think it’s awkward when the guy’s late, I would rather me be late. Just a few minutes, nothing crazy, just so they are there first.”

woman's list of rules for men on first dates
She called herself a 'seasoned pro at first dates'. Photo: Instagram/brookemiccio
TikToker list of rules for first dates
The list includes rules such as no hand-holding or kissing while standing up. Photo: Instagram/brookemiccio

She goes on to say that her date shouldn’t pretend they haven’t looked her up beforehand.

“I keep my profiles pretty ambiguous. You’re going to look me up and that’s so fine. Just say it,” she says in the video.

Some more of her rules are “no food, only drinks” and “date will be max 2.5 hours. My social battery runs out and/or I get too drunk”.

Her list continues, with the woman saying the guys has to pay, although she will offer.

She said her date will get bonus points if he not only tells her his birthday but also his birth time, as she “needs to go home and do her research”.

Another one of the woman’s rules is that if they are going to share a kiss, it has to be sitting down as it’s “way less awkward than a stand-up kiss”. She also doesn’t like to hold hands.

Her last rule is that she has an “anxious attachment style” so her date must text her to make sure she got home safely after.

People were quick to comment on the video, with one person saying: :tbh this is fair. Like yeah it’s a lot of rules but it’s literally a stranger you’re meeting up with.”

“I love how precise this is,” another person said, with many others saying they agree with the list completely.

“This just doesn’t sound fun at all...dating is hard,” another person wrote.

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