TikToker blasts 'misogynistic' date who says women 'need to know their role'

A woman has taken to TikTok to share her experience after going on a date with a "misogynistic" man called Trace who she says "disrespected" her the entire time.

TikTok user @hayleyhydee shared a video of messages she received after the date with the first one reading, "Morning dork. Feel better so I can kiss you later."

A TikToker user @hayleyhydee shares texts
A TikToker user has shared her experience after going out on a date with a 'misogynistic' man who 'disrespected' her the entire date. Photo: Tiktok/hayleyhydee

Five hours later, Hayley responded telling Trace, "This isn't going to work out."

When asked why, she told him, "[You] were being super misogynistic and [I know you] weren't doing it on purpose, but that s**t's not charming or funny anymore and hasn't been for a long time."

Trace didn't understand what 'misogynistic' meant and when he questioned it, Hayley told him to "look it up" after he had previously told her his "biggest pet peeve was ignorant [people]".


Clearly, not liking the fact he was being told she wasn't interested, Trace began attempting to put her down, saying, "I would if I cared. You use big words for a barista."

"See this is exactly what I mean," Hayley hit back. "[You] can't expect to get anywhere [with] a girl if [you're] going to talk down to them and tell them [you're] sending them to cooking school."

"I'm not the one missing out so I'm good," he responded, with Hayley sharing with her followers that his last first date didn't work out because he'd called the woman an "airhead".

"Hopefully the next [woman] looks as good as the pics and has a personality," he told her, with the TikToker sarcastically responding that she loved the "switch up" after he was rejected, adding, "[You] got tiny man syndrome."

TikTok text messages
Hayley didn't hold back in her response when Trace said "women need to know their role". Photo: TikTok/hayleyhydee

In an attempt to keep some power, Trace then said he thought about dropping Hayley off before they even got to dinner, but gave her "a chance".

When she said that he "should have" because she knew from the first question he asked her that they weren't going to have a second date, he tried to belittle her by saying, "Cool. Well [you're] welcome for spending more than you have in your checking."

"Dude this is so funny, [please] keep the insults coming and keep proving me right," Hayley responded.

"I can do this all day," he said. "Woman do need to know their role though (sic)."

Hayley did not hold back with her response, writing, "[You're] a sexist piece of s**t dude. No self-respecting woman is gonna wanna be [with you]. Hence why [you're] 24, single and can't get past first dates. This isn't the 1800s, women know their worth, and know that there are men our there that won't treat them as a piece of f**king property. The way [you] talk is disgusting and [you] can't handle rejection. It's sad."

"Impressive for a barista. Wanna keep going?" he said, with a follow-up video revealing he later told her he had her address and could go "there if I want" because it's "public property".

TikTok users were left unimpressed by the man with one user writing, "Wooooooooooow. Let me guess, he blames women for being miserable and always rejecting him because 'they don't give him a chance'."

"Him thinking misogynistic is a big word told me everything I needed to know about him," another agreed.

"The fact he is trying to degrade you with this 'for a barista' when he doesn't know what a misogynist means... Talking to a wall makes more sense," a third wrote.

"Men get hurt so easily," someone else said.

"I love how men switch it to try and make you the problem," another added.

"They switch up so fast the second they got rejected," one person said.

"Did he forget the first text he sent you," someone else added with laughing emojis.

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