Woman left terrified after 'scary' find on car: 'I'm literally shaking '

A woman on TikTok has been left terrified after a night out with a friend led to a horrifying discovery.

Ashley Estrada was out with her cousin’s girlfriend when the woman got a notification on her phone saying: “AirTag detected near you.”

Woman finds AirTag on her car
A woman was left frightened after discovering an AirTag had been attached to her car. Photo: TikTok/_ashleyscarlett

An AirTag is usually used for people to attach to their phone or keys if they’re prone to losing them, with the user then having the location of the item on an app called Find My.

This is how Ashley realised that someone had stuck an AirTag to her car, with a sound notification leading them to the licence plate.

"I'm literally shaking right now. Look what I just f—ing found in my car, tucked in!" she said in a TikTok video.

"That is literally how we found out because it told us," she said.

AirTag on car
The AirtTag showed up every stop they had taken. Photo: TikTok/_ashleyscarlett
AirTag behind licence plate
It was hidden behind her licence plate. Photo: TikTok/_ashleyscarlett

When she looked at the AirTag on the app she said “it pretty much showed us every single location we had been to”.

"It’s super super scary because this is what you see on TikTok. I never thought it would happen to me but it did and I'm scared, I'm paranoid," she said.

"I'm going ahead and contact Apple because it tells me the serial number and the person's phone number, so I'm going to tell them what happened.”

Ashley said she contacted the police but because it was a “non-life-threatening emergency” they recommended she head into the station.

AirTag found on car
The woman said she was going to the police about the incident. Photo: TikTok/_ashleyscarlett

People online were shocked at the discovery, with one person pointing out: ​​”“What’s even scarier is if neither of you had an iPhone, y’all wouldn’t have known.”

“I'm going to investigate my car right now that's so scary," another person commented.

Another person simply wrote: “New fear unlocked”.

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