Nearly half of Aussies won't have sex with an unvaccinated person, survey finds

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With the end of lockdown for millions of Aussies in sight, singles in particular are looking forward - for the most part - to being able to get back out onto the dating scene.

But according to new research from Durex Australia, almost half of Australians are likely to want to find out whether or not their date has received a Covid-19 vaccine before getting into bed with them.

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Sex is high on the agenda post-lockdown for plenty of Aussies. Photo: Getty

The survey, done by Kantar with 1,000 Australians over the age of 18 to find out the impact of lockdowns on their sex lives, revealed 45 per cent of Australians were less likely to sleep with a non-vaccinated person than one who has been vaccinated.


Women were the most cautious on that front, with 50 per cent surveyed saying they were not willing to sleep with someone unvaccinated, and another 26 per cent still being on the fence about it.

Even when it comes to the top three attributes in a 'summer fling' men said they would look for attractiveness (63%), a nice smile (47%), and then being fully vaccinated (44%). 

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Nearly half of us would prefer someone whose had the jab. Photo: Getty

Certified Australian Sex Coach, Georgia Grace, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that having the vaccination conversation with your date doesn't have to be awkward or clunky.

"For those who are dating, it's useful to be really clear with your boundaries and what you're willing or not willing to do. For many, that will mean having the vaccination conversation," Georgia tells us.

"Before meeting up try saying something like 'I'd love to meet up, though I'm only going on dates with people who are vaccinated - are you?' or 'Can't wait to finally go on this date - are you vaxxed yet?' or 'vaccinated is my type ;)' Have this conversation up front so there aren't any surprises."

She says it's all about thinking about what you are comfortable with before going on a date.

"I also love that it has become normal to ask people what they're comfortable with doing - asking things like 'are you hugging?' or 'elbow bump?' or *air hugs* instead of assuming what the other may be ok with," she adds.

Grace says the research demonstrates an appetite for reconnection, while also showing slivers of lockdown fatigue.

"Lockdowns have affected us all differently, with almost everyone noting some kind of emotional, physical, mental or sexual toll," she explains.

"The research shows that while we’re eager to get back out there, much of Australia is ‘cautiously optimistic’ (21%) about jumping into bed with someone, especially after almost half of us (43%) didn’t have sex at all during lockdown.

"As we reconnect and get back to doing things we love with the people we love, there’s bound to be a few moments of relearning how to date, relate and have sex."

The survey highlighted that despite the initial hurdles that will inevitably come with getting back out there, for many of us as you might expect the end of lockdown can't come quick enough.

Twenty-two per cent of Australians say sleeping with their lover/s or going out on dates will be the best part of freedom from lockdown, rating reconnecting sexually higher than going to the office (12%) or going to university / school (6%). 

Sex, however, still doesn’t beat food, with 58 per cent of Aussies saying eating out wherever they want will be the best.

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