Woman claims 'cheating' dad named her after his mistress

A woman has spilled on what she called the 'selfish' reason her dad decided to name her Kristina when she was born, allegedly using it as an opportunity to cover up the affair he was having.

"So I feel like most people who are named after somebody have like a cute story behind it or they're named after somebody really special... that is not the case for me," Kristina shared in a now viral video on TikTok.

cheating husband
A few months later the mum discovered her husband was cheating. Photo: Getty

In the clip, she explained her parents had an agreement that if she were a boy her mother would name the baby after her father (Kristina's grandfather), and if they had a girl, her father would chose the name.

On the day she was born, her mother ended up having a C-section, so while she was recovering her dad filled out all the paper work and chose her name.


"When my mum came to I guess she didn't really hate the name so she just kind of went with it and you know everything was fine for a few months," Kristina continued.

"Until my mum found out that my dad was cheating on her... and guess what the woman's name was. Kristina."

"So if he messed up and called her the wrong name, he could say he was talking about me," she concluded.

In a follow up comment she also explained that sadly her "dad left when I was three and never had any contact with me or my sisters until we were grown."

Plenty of people flooded the comments section with some calling the move "selfish".

"What?? wow that's rough!" was another response.

Others shared their own crazy stories for how they got their names.

"My cousin is named after his dad's favourite drug dealer," one person wrote.

While another said: "I was named after a hitch hiker. My mum picked him up in Alaska and she said he had the most beautiful eyes."

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