Woman reveals sneaky way boyfriend hid his 'cheating' on TikTok

A woman has revealed how she found out her boyfriend was allegedly cheating on her, after discovering the 'sneaky' tactic he used to try and hid it from her.

Sharing a video to TikTok, that included the caption, "They get sneaky my friends #cheating", Gabby explained how she found out the truth after randomly checking her 'blocked list' on Instagram.

cheating tiktok
Gabby took to TikTok to share how she found out her boyfrend then fiance was cheating on her. Photo: TikTok

"I'll never forget the day in 2019 when something told me to check my blocked list on Instagram," she said.

The 'blocked list' on Instagram prevents accounts from finding the profile from people on the list and seeing their stories, or posts.

"What did I find.... a random girl," Gabby continued in the clip, that has now been viewed 2.1M times.

"What did we have in common?

"My boyfriend."


"Now I didn't block her, so you can guess who did," she concluded.

In subsequent videos Gabby explains she had actually made the move to England from the US to be with him, only to make the shocking discovery.

He begged for a second chance and they eventually decided to make things work before becoming engaged in 2020. But it didn't take long for his old habits to resurface, so she finally left him and returned home to the US.

cheating boyfriend on phone
She claims her boyfriend used her phone to block the girl on her Instagram account. Photo: Getty

Her post sparked a host of comments, with plenty of people admitting they were now doing the exact same thing.

"I'm actually kind of impressed he took that extra step," one person commented.

"Every single person watching this video immediately checking their blocked lists," another person noted.

While a third wrote: "Don't you just love intuition."

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