Woman's 'savage' plan to expose cheater goes viral on TikTok

A woman has hatched an elaborate plan to expose her cheating boyfriend, enlisting the help of a jewellery designer to bust him.

Jeweller Liv Portillio at DBL Jewellery posted on TikTok to reveal how she had been asked by the woman online to create a necklace as an 'anniversary gift', but instead it would be engraved with the names of the three other women the man allegedly cheated with.

cheating boyfriend tiktok
The woman had requested an order to bust her boyfriend. Photo: TikTok

The video posted by Liv shows the woman's request, which read: "My boyfriend cheated and I'm sending him a necklace with ALL the girls' names on them."

And on the official order request form, which Liv also showed, it said: "He cheated with three girls so here's his anniversary gift (he doesn't know I know yet)."


The names to be added were Ashley, Genesis and Karen, along with the date June 21, 2015 - implying they have been in a relationship for six years.

cheating necklace tiktok video
The necklace featured their anniversary date and the names of three other women. Photo: TikTok

Liv was clearly shocked saying in the clip, "girl, what!?" but was happy to complete the order, before explaining the woman planned to give him the gift in front of his family so he can read it out loud.

"I can't wait to see his reaction," she added.

The post has since gone viral on the video sharing platform, getting over 3.7M views.

"The amount of willpower it takes to hold that information in until the necklace arrives," one person commented.

"This is SAVAGE," another said.

While a third wrote: "OMG but how do we become friends with this queen?"

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