Woman discovers husband's dating profile and 'cheating stash'

A woman has shared the moment she found her husband's 'cheating stash' in his car, after a friend discovered his profile on a dating app.

Sharing the 'evidence' on TikTok, the woman called Allyson asked her followers whether she should leave her husband or not, after a work colleague actually messaged her to ask if she was already going through a divorce.

tiktok cheating husband
Allyson shared the 'evidence' she found from her husband. Photo: TikTok

"She then sent me close ups of his dating profile," Allyson said, sharing a screen grab of the profile in which he referred to himself as a "good ole country boy" who was "going through a divorce".

"On further investigation, I found an extra toothbrush and toothpaste and clothes in his truck," she continued.

She also found an extra phone - which she explained was his old one - which she then charged to check.

"We found other dating apps on the phone with this username," Allyson added - pointing at the X-rated moniker that she said was "misleading".


"And when I looked in the trunk some more I found these," she said, showing a stash of condoms.

woman shows husbands cheating supplies in car
She discovered a toothbrush, extra clothes, a spare phone and condoms in his car. Photo: TikTok

The woman received plenty of support from followers online.

"You deserve better, he is not only playing with your emotions but with your life," one person commented.

"Throw the whole boy out - sending so much love I'm sorry you're going through this," another said.

While a third wrote: "I'm sorry your going through this, no one deserves to be cheated on."

Others couldn't help but laugh at her dig over his dating app username.

"Girl, I lost it at 'the username is very misleading'!" one person said.

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