Woman mocked for 'thunder thighs' reveals surprising way she's made $1 million on OnlyFans

"A lot of the content I get asked for isn't even necessarily explicit."

OnlyFans creator Lora Carmichael, 39, has revealed the surprising way she's managed to make $1 million from her content and its surprising requests from young men that has seen her rake in a sizeable profit over the last three years.

After a serious health scare, Lora found herself with newfound clarity and self-confidence, deciding to start an OnlyFans account, something she had previously thought about but never done.

"Life was now much too short to worry about what others may think of me. I wanted to care for myself better, provide myself with a better place to live, afford all my medical bills, make time to see my friends, and live out any dreams that I desire," Lora said.

Lora Carmichael on OnlyFans
Lora Carmichael found a following on OnlyFans after a health scare. Photo: Instagram.com/loracarmichael_

After creating her OnlyFans account, Lora discovered the majority of her audience were young men particularly interested in her plus-size figure. Lora said things she was teased for in high school, like her "thunder thighs", were now the assets making her hundreds of thousands of dollars.


"The biggest content request from my subscribers is usually centred around my ass. It's pretty typical of [adult] creators to get a BBL, but my body is natural and there are lots of young men who like to see natural bodies and the way they move," she said.

“A lot of the content I get asked for isn't even necessarily explicit. A lot of the time people like to see me in different pieces of clothing like dresses, shorts or leggings and they want to see me doing normal things like cleaning or yoga... I get a lot of requests for walking because they like to see how the body moves naturally," Lora explained.

Lora Carmichael
Lora Carmichael says young men have loved seeing her natural figure. Photo: Tiktok.com/@loracarmichael


She went on to say people have custom requests for cellulite pics in particular, saying it was "unusual" but "lovely having people love the aspects of yourself that you would have no idea are sexualising or objectifying."

Lora also said her weight has fluctuated since her journey on OnlyFans, confirming she makes more money when she's bigger.

"I definitely make more money when I'm fat because my body is more unique. While there are plenty of subscribers who like me for my personality, there are many who leave when I lose weight and that's okay."

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