OnlyFans star Kay Manuel reveals how much she's earned after recruiting on Schoolies

EXCLUSIVE: Kay Manuel said since The Project interview, her sales are at an all-time high.

OnlyFans star Kay Manuel, 21, appeared on The Project earlier this week after she and two other creators, Bonnie Blue and Leilani May, made headlines for recruiting men on Schoolies over the age of 18 to star in their content.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Kay said despite some of the media backlash, the reception for the girls on the Gold Coast was "astounding".

"I feel as though everyone was talking about the 'schoolies story' and media aside, I've never had so many people recognise me on the street overnight," she said.

nlyFans creators, Leilani May, Kay Manuel and Bonnie Blue.
OnlyFans creators, Leilani May, Kay Manuel and Bonnie Blue. Photo: Channel 10

"I've heard so many comments about being the 'schoolies girl'. But from a technical perspective, since The Project interview, my social engagement was up by 250%, my online sales are at an all-time high and I've never had so many people with my name in their mouths."

'It's just a stunt'

She also shared that since the Schoolies content experience, she's made a six-figure salary.

"I can't name an exact figure as it's coming from alternative income streams - but it would easily be in the six figures at this point," she said.

Saying she wanted to make it a "good and positive experience" for the men involved, Kay said during The Project interview that within 24 hours she hit earnings of $30,000, with the boys not receiving payment from the ladies, but instead being offered a free experience instead of having to pay.

And when it comes to the misconceptions from the general public about OnlyFans creators and their work, Kay had this to say.

"OnlyFans creators are so varied and I would hate this schoolies story to be the way everyday people paint a picture of the industry as ultimately, it's just a stunt!" she said.


"Not everyone in the industry agreed with our schoolies videos and that's totally understandable. Everyone's different, and this is not the most typical 'day in the life' of an OnlyFans creator."

She also said she didn't anticipate how widely the story ended up being circulated and the attention it received.

Kay Manuel
Kay Manuel has estimated she's raked in over six-figures with recent content. Photo: TikTok

"We didn't even know if we'd go through with it until the ball started rolling with media interviews. So it's been a really interesting experience 'going viral'," she shared.

"A lot of the criticism we've heard is 'what if the roles were reversed and it was a man, there would be such an uproar', but I find that funny because the response has been mostly negative. We're facing the exact same scrutiny a man would."

And on the biggest misconception of the Schoolies story, Kay wanted to clear one thing up.

"I'd have to say that I was most surprised by people assuming that I was 30 or older. I didn't realise I looked so old! I was born in 2002, which makes me 21. I graduated high school three years ago, and when I finished I was sleeping with men quite a bit older than me and I have no regrets about it. Like why would I have regrets?" she said.

"But lots of people have jumped to the conclusion that I'm much older and particularly interested in younger men, which couldn't be further from the truth. This was a bit of fun, but by no means my usual type."

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