OnlyFans creator forced to pick up $500 dinner date bill: 'Really ick'

"He just had that expectation because he saw how much my income is."

An OnlyFans creator has detailed a dating experience that left her with an 'ick' after the man she went on a date with expected her to pay their $500 dinner bill.

Annie Knight is known for sharing her dating life online, with a TikTok series '52 dates in 52 weeks' dedicated to her dating shenanigans.

She's also known to upload various TikToks of her life with titles like 'Day in the life of a millionaire' as well as sharing her overall earnings with fans, earlier this year revealing she makes $150,000 a month.

As reported by Annie apparently recently went on a date, giving it a rating of 7/10, with the pair sharing a meal, cocktails, and a bottle of wine.

Annie then went to the bathroom and returned to find the bill on the table. When the waitstaff came over to see who was going to pay, Annie said the guy expected her to foot the whole $500 plus dinner.

OnlyFans' Annie Knight
OnlyFans creator Annie Knight has shared a dating experience that left her with the ick. Photo:


“The guy expected me to pay. Over $500! Obviously, I paid but it felt really ick. Like he just had that expectation because he saw how much my income is,” Annie said.

While she stipulated she had no problem splitting the bill and also had no expectations the man would pay the whole thing, she thought he'd at least offer to put some money in for their dinner.

Annie reportedly received some backlash and now the video doesn't appear to be on TikTok. But the content creator gave comment to, doubling down that it wasn't fair for her date to expect her to pay for the whole dinner.


“I think the people commenting haven’t watched the full video as I stated in the video that I’d be happy to go 50/50, I didn’t expect him to pay for the whole thing so I don’t think it’s fair he expected me to pay for it all,” Annie said.

“For those saying I should pay because I earn millions of dollars a year, I think that has nothing to do with it. It’s simply a respect thing – he should respect and value my time and therefore be at least willing to split the bill.”

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