OnlyFans stars defend recruiting Schoolies in 'offensive' The Project interview

"They're legal, they're willing to participate, why not?" one of the stars said about recruiting 18-year-old men.

A group of OnlyFans stars have hit the Gold Coast during Schoolies week to recruit male teens over the age of 18 to star in their content.

The trio sat down with The Project to chat about their recruitment technique, with the show noting the women, all in their mid-20s, were recruiting men over the age of 18, some of who are "still virgins".

"The group has received considerable backlash from the online community" host Hamish Macdonald said, as the panel were then joined by the stars in question: Bonnie Blue, Leilani May, and Kay Manuel.

When asked why the women were targeting men on Schoolies, Leilani said prior to Schoolies they were already getting messages and she and Bonnie wanted to make some more "relatable" content.

"They're legal, they're willing to participate, why not?" Leilani said.

Sarah Harris on The Project and OnlyFans stars Leilani, Kay and Bonnie Blue
OnlyFans stars Leilani, Kay and Bonnie. Photo: Network 10

When asked by Sarah what's in it for the boys, Bonnie Blue retorted, "Well what's not in it for them basically!" before going on to say that a lot of them haven't had "much experience", so they get to have that experience and receive the footage afterwards.


"The confidence that they're walking away with after having filmed with us," Bonnie said, before Kay interjected saying they wanted to make it a "good and positive" experience for the men participating.

Leilani shared she's had her "biggest month ever", with Kay saying within 24 hours she hit "$30,000". The girls then said the boys don't receive a payment, but they get to film with the ladies for free instead of being charged.

OnlyFans stars Leilani, Kay and Bonnie
The women admitted they aren't paying the men for appearing in their videos. Photo: Network 10

"Most of the guys are shocked we'll film for free, they message us being like 'are you sure there's not a charge involved?'," Bonnie continued.

Leilani then said consent could be withdrawn at "any point in time".

"Obviously, once a video is sold, we can't take that video back, but we can remove it from being sold further," she explained.

The girls have been called out for their actions, but Bonnie was quick to say they weren't prowling the streets targeting young men.

"A lot of them had already reached out to us," she said. "They're approaching us through our social media."


The comments appeared to be turned off on Instagram after The Project put the clip up, with Facebook comments also being limited. However, fans of the show were able to comment on the clip when it was posted to X (formerly Twitter).

"Found this so offensive. Why did you give them time?" one person asked.

"This is not ok and should be shut down," another person commented.

"Very disturbing society for kids to grow up in," another person said.

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