Woman earns $2M a year on OnlyFans after huge transformation

Model, Amanda Martin, 26, from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, who describes herself as having a sheltered and innocent upbringing, has revealed she now makes almost $2 million on OnlyFans following a huge transformation.

After getting married at just 20 to a man who was in the Navy, Amanda decided to spend over $40,000 on surgery in order to get more swipes on Tinder, however, her new look has proven to be a huge money maker for her as well.

Woman poses for camera
A woman spent over $40,000 on a plastic surgery transformation and now earns millions on OnlyFans. Photo: Media Drum World/Australscope

Amanda and her ex-husband split up three years into their marriage after mutually deciding they had grown apart. The split triggered Amanda to undergo an image overhaul and she hired a personal trainer and went from approximately 84kg to about 51kg.

Following her sensational weight loss, Amanda decided to go under the knife to boost her “flat as a pancake” breasts to a curvaceous 32DDD. Amanda has also had fillers, fat transfer, liposuction procedures and butt implants to keep herself looking like a ‘sexy thick queen’ – spending over $40,000 in total.


The newfound confidence Amanda gained through her transformation encouraged her to share raunchy snaps on Instagram showcasing her enviable figure – with the initial aim to boost her Tinder profile and “get laid.”

Amanda’s Instagram account exploded and she now has 4.3 million followers on the social media platform and her subscription-only content on OnlyFans is equally popular.

Amanda lost about 30kg during her transformation after hiring a personal trainer and undergoing plastic surgery. Photo: Media Drum World/Australscope
Amanda lost about 30kg during her transformation after hiring a personal trainer and undergoing plastic surgery. Photo: Media Drum World/Australscope

Whilst Amanda is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend John, 30, who she shoots adult movies with, unbelievably she has had men dump her in the past because they were embarrassed by the content she posts online. Amanda perceives her overly sexualised persona to be comedy but says men hardly ever slip into her DMs now because they are intimidated by her.

However, it's Amanda who has had the last laugh because thanks to her fame and popularity, with fans across the globe, she earns an eye-watering $2,000,000 every year from OnlyFans and paid advertisements on Instagram.

“My marriage ended, so I bought some boobies and I hired a personal trainer,” said Amanda.

“The way I feel about myself comes from within. I have always thought my inner beauty and personality was awesome. I just like making the outside match how I feel about myself inside already.

“With my newfound confidence, I started to get more into social media and wanted my Tinder to be poppin’. I became an Instagram thot before it was a normal common thing. I was just a chick trying to get laid.

“Eventually my Instagram account and modelling career blossomed. I reinvested all my money in growing my brand and social media accounts - shooting all over the United States. This was before the time of OnlyFans. I received so much judgement for my Instagram because at the time no one really understood what I was doing. I knew I could turn this into a career.

“Guys were embarrassed to date me. My online persona has always been kind of loud and raunchy. I used my social media to entertain people but closed-minded guys just think you’re a thot looking for attention. I almost look at my overly sexual persona to be comedy to me - either way my audience loves it.

Amanda stars in adult videos alongside her boyfriend John. Photo: Media Drum World/Australscope
Amanda stars in adult videos alongside her boyfriend John. Photo: Media Drum World/Australscope

“I have millions of adoring fans now. No one says much nowadays other than that they are a ‘fan.' I’m pretty sure taken or single men wouldn’t really say much to me because I’m kind of intimidating.

“I travel the world with my boyfriend and co-star, John Hill (@the_greek_savage). Our homemade OnlyFans movies are so notorious that Brazzers contacted me to film adult movies but I refused unless they signed my boyfriend with me.

“Having a man that not only understands but supports me with my online success is amazing.”

Amanda, who has a degree in criminal justice and international relations, is often compared to Hollywood starlet Scarlett Johansson and is also referred to as the ‘Thicc Black Widow’ – in reference to the Marvel films the actress stars in.

Thanks to her hard work, Amanda now lives a life of luxury but despite it all she insists that beauty is not defined by the outside appearance.

“I feel so proud. I literally made a brand and a business just off being myself and entertaining people on social media,” she said.

“I took so many gambles and I invested so much into being successful in this industry and now it has all paid off.

“On OnlyFans I make over six figures every month, approximately one-point-two-million-dollars [USD] a year, and three-hundred-thousand-dollars from paid advertisements on Instagram. In total I gross one-point-five-million-dollars a year.

“Beauty radiates from within. There are millions of girls out there with good looks and amazing surgeries but what makes you stand out is your inner beauty and personality so don’t forget to show those off too.”

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