Bella Thorne teases fan with risqué robe slip in OnlyFans post

Bella Thorne is not slowing down her OnlyFans content, despite navigating some choppy ethical waters since launching her record-breaking page.

The former Disney star took to her Instagram on Monday to tease fans in a plunging black silk robe, bidding them to ‘swipe up’ to her subscribers-only page.

Bella Thorne poses in silk robe, slipping exposing cleavage
Bella invited fans to visit her subscribers-only page with a sultry silk robe snap. Photo: Instagram/bellathorne

Rocking a classy wavy up-do, her blazing locks set off by a red smokey eye, the 22-year-old played with fire, letting the robe slip dangerous close to Instagram’s decency standard.

The star shook the classic look up with a few jewels stuck to her face.

Complimenting the facial bling was a pearl and diamond necklace that seemed to be her only item of clothing apart from the robe.

Bella thorne in black silk robe, naked snap
Bella seems to be be clad in the robe, jewellery and little else as she bade followers check out her OnlyFans page. Photo: Instagram/bellathorne

Shared to her 22.3 million followers via Instagram story, the snaps taken in a mirror were steering fans towards her OnlyFans page, which has prompted a true rollercoaster of reactions since it’s launch.

The Shake It Up star set the page live in August, netting a record $1 million worth of subscriptions in the first 24 hours.

The astounding figure broke the site’s record for most earnt in the first day on the platform, and reportedly even caused the site to crash briefly.

In the first two weeks, the star’s paying fans netted her an impressive $2 million total ($AUD2.8 million).

OnlyFans was set up in 2016 to provide a subscription-based platform for creators to share their work, however, it soon became known for its explicit content as it allows nudity.

Bella has clarified that she does not plan to share nudes on her page.


OnlyFans policy changes blamed on Bella

Bella was forced to apologise after changes were made to the site following her debut. Photo: Instagram/bellathorne
Bella was forced to apologise after changes were made to the site following her debut. Photo: Instagram/bellathorne

After the record figures came swooping through the site, OnlyFans has changed pricing limits and extending waiting periods for payment.

Creators will now also be forced to wait 30 days to be paid as opposed to the seven days it was previously.

Many believe this is in response to Bella’s whopping initial earnings.

The star has since come under fire from the original users of the platform, online sex workers, who claim she ‘ruined’ the site.

OnlyFans has denied the changes are related to Bella and said in a statement, "Any changes to transaction limits are not based on any one user."

Bella ‘truly sorry’ for reaction

The former Disney star took to Twitter to apologise, saying she joined the site in the hopes to "normalise the stigma" around sex work.

In a series of tweets, she wrote, "Remove the stigma behind sex, sex work, and the negativity that surrounds the word SEX itself by bringing a mainstream face to it that’s what I was trying to do, to help bring more faces to the site to create more revenue for content creators on the site."

"I wanted to bring attention to the site, the more people on the site the more likely of a chance to normalize the stigmas, And in trying to do this I hurt you.

"I have risked my career a few times to remove the stigma behind sex work, porn, and the natural hatred people spew behind anything sex-related. I wrote and directed a porn against the high brows of my peers and managers because I WANTED to help with the stigma behind sex."

She finished, "I am a mainstream face and when you have a voice, a platform, you try to use you in helping others and advocate for something bigger than yourself. Again in this process I hurt you and for that I’m truly sorry."

Bella also added that she was meeting up with OnlyFans to speak about the new restrictions put on creators and find out why they were implemented, "This is f***ed up and I’m sorry."

Many people have urged Bella to donate her profits to pro-sex work organisations or to users on the site.

Others are questioning how she is "normalising" sex work when she isn't actually sharing naked snaps, despite her director credentials.

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