'World's hottest truck driver' makes $15k a month on adult site

An Australian woman dubbed the ‘World’s Hottest Truck Driver’ has revealed that she’s now raking in $150,000 a year — several times her trucking salary — by selling her racy photos online.

Blayze Williams, 28, turned to OnlyFans, a subscription-based social media platform, after an injury she sustained in 2018 left her unable to drive.

A photo of Blayze Williams, 28, a truck driver from Adelaide, South Australia wearing a black crop top with mesh panel
Aussie truck driver Blayze Williams is now raking in $150k a year selling her sexy photos on OnlyFans. Photo: Blayze Williams/Caters News.

“I was driving trucks 10-13 hours a day, but then I broke my leg and it ended up being a 16-month injury because it wouldn’t heal properly,” Blayze, from Adelaide, explained.

Due to ‘ongoing leg complications’ she had to take a break from behind the steering wheel in February but the reality of life without a steady income left her concerned.

“I was getting to the point financially where I didn’t really know what was going to happen,” she said.

That’s when her friend, American tattoo model Heidi Lavon, suggested that she try OnlyFans which allows content creators such as adult entertainers to sell their content to subscribers or ‘fans’.

“But at the time I thought it was only for porn stars who want to do full nudity and create sexual videos, so I said that wasn’t really for me.


A photo of Blayze Williams, 28, a truck driver from Adelaide, South Australia wearing a black bra, red plaid shirt, black denim shorts while posing in front of a truck
Blayze was dubbed 'World's Hottest Truck Driver' in 2018. Photo: A&C photography/Caters News.

“Then I learnt that I could dictate my content however I wanted, so I only do implied nudes and the occasional topless picture for a high price.”

Since switching her gear stick for her selfie stick, Blayze has been making between $10,000 to $15,000 a month selling sexy snaps to her fans — but says she’ll only go topless at the most and won’t sell full nudes or pornographic content.

“I’ve only been on it for a couple of months and at this rate I am set to make $150,000 at the bare minimum a year,” she revealed.

Despite her lucrative OnlyFans career, Blayze said she could never give up driving trucks completely and is still fiercely passionate about being on the road.

A photo of Blayze Williams, 28, a truck driver from Adelaide, South Australia wearing a black bra, briefs and high heels
A broken leg forced Blayze to put her trucking career on hold and look elsewhere for income. Photo: Angelo Bertram/Caters News.

She now works just part-time driving interstate and doing long-haul journeys, which Blayze said has allowed her to enjoy it more and not rely on driving long hours as her sole source of income.

“The passion for truck driving is definitely still there, and that will never go away.

“Doing the OnlyFans will also help me to save and eventually buy my own truck.”

Blayze says she’ll continue her OnlyFans account for ‘as long as I can’.

“My fans seem to like the truck driving, so it’s great that what I’m passionate about has helped me become more popular.”

Additional reporting by Caters.

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