Woman, 29, makes $1.3m a year selling sexy pics on OnlyFans

A 29-year-old woman has revealed that she’s pocketed a cool $782,000 in just seven months by selling sexy photos of herself on adult site OnlyFans.

Paige Bauer, from Alabama in the US, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she’s well on her way to earning $1.3million by the start of next year.

Paige Bauer wearing a black tank top and yellow nail polish
Paige Bauer has shared how she's earned $782k in just over half a year on adult site OnlyFans. Photo: Paige Bauer (supplied).


“As of right now I have grossed over USD$560k (AUD$782k) this year since I started in February 2020,” she says.

“Of that, OnlyFans gets a 20 per cent portion. On average I’m bringing in about USD$60-80k (AUD$83-111k) monthly!”

Paige has made a full-time job out of selling saucy snaps to her subscribers or ‘fans’ on OnlyFans, a subscription-based social media platform that’s popular with adult entertainers.

She was inspired to join the platform by a few of her friends who were putting their income toward ‘going back to school or paying off student loans’.

Paige Bauer wearing an orange bikini on a unicorn pool float
Paige says her OnlyFans income has allowed her to live 'debt-free'. Photo: Paige Bauer (supplied).

She was also keen to leverage the large social media presence she’d established, particularly on her Instagram, to build something ‘successful and financially prosperous’.

“I started because I knew I always wanted to be my own boss. I liked being able to choose my own hours, work as hard as I’d like to on my own ideas, and make a brand for myself,” she explains.

In terms of the type of content that her fans can buy, Paige divides it into two categories.

“Subscribers have a choice of either subscribing to my free OnlyFans page, where I post any photos beyond social media’s guidelines, as well as teasers of what is posted on my VIP paid subscription page,” she says.

Her paid page features more ‘exclusive’ content such as photos and videos of herself wearing (or, not wearing) outfits fans have purchased from her Amazon wishlist.

Paige Bauer wearing a black mesh dress
Paige wants to use some of the money to start a clothing business. Photo: Paige Bauer (supplied).

Paige says that her loved ones are largely supportive of her X-rated career choice.

“My family loves me regardless of what I choose to pursue in life! They may not completely agree with the concept of nude content ideas, however, they acknowledge the financial freedom it has given me.”

Indeed, her OnlyFans income has allowed Paige to pay off her car in full and live completely debt-free.

She also has savings stashed away to buy or build a new home, as well as for a few ‘well-needed’ vacations and spending time with her family.

While Paige intends on continuing her OnlyFans page for as long as she can she has her sights set on other business ventures including an outdoor-inspired apparel company, Outdoor Country Girls Co. and maybe even a dog boarding facility.

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