Elizabeth Hurley, 58, stuns fans with bikini snap: 'Refuses to age'

"You haven't changed in years."

Elizabeth Hurley, 58, has left her fans stunned after taking to Instagram this week to share snaps of herself in a hot pink bikini.

"Good morning @vivamayrmariawoerth 🩷 May the exercise, detox and healthy eating commence," she wrote, revealing she was staying at the VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth health retreat in Austria.

Elizabeth Hurley in a pink bikini
Elizabeth Hurley has left her fans stunned after taking to Instagram this week to share snaps of herself in a bikini. Photo: Instagram/elizabethhurley1

Fans loved the snaps of Elizabeth posing in a sauna, with one user writing, "Do you ever age at all, as you still look just as good as you did when you were like 29!"

"You haven't changed in years, and yet you're still beautiful as ever," another added.


"This woman refuses to age..." a third said, with someone else writing, "The perfect woman exists."

"Flawless beauty!" another said.

"Oh behave 🤓," one user wrote, referencing a quote made famous by Austin Powers, which Elizabeth starred in.

"I have no words," someone else wrote.

"Beautiful Lady! Gets better like fine 🍷 🥂 wine!" yet another said.

How does Elizabeth Hurley stay in shape?

Elizbeth has previously told Women's Health Magazine that she likes to be active but doesn't love hitting the gym.

"I don't really do any set exercise, per se, because I prefer to get my exercise from doing something than being in the gym," she told the publication, adding she loves to walk as much as possible.

However, her favourite way to break a sweat is surprising – gardening!


"I do as much outside during the winter as I do during the summer," she added, saying it's a harder workout than you'd think.

"Not only do I feel, well, actually exhausted, but also I feel that I've got the leaves up, which is also a nice thing," Elizabeth explained. "I'd rather do housework than go to the gym."

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