Star's 'disgusting' bikini sparks fierce online debate

Actress and model Coco Austin has sparked a fierce online debate after she was snapped wearing a skimpy bikini while supervising her child at a swimming pool.

The wife of rapper Ice-T posted photos on Instagram of her wearing a pink and blue G-string bikini while cooling down with her daughter Chanel in The Bahamas.

The pink-haired beauty is seen kneeling alongside her daughter in the skimpy bikini, with other children pictured in the background.

"When your husband turns into the paparazzi," she captioned the picture before using the hashtag #givethemsomethingtotalkabout.

Coco Austin wears a G-String bikini at a swimming pool with her daughter Chanel.
Coco Austin sparked debate with her skimpy bikini. Source: Instagram/Coco Austin

Many fans were in awe of Coco's physique, telling the mum she looked "gorgeous".

"Oh my Lord, Ice sure does have a great eye! Love the pose my dear," one commented.

"Beautiful," another said.

"Cute pics and gorgeous bikini and I love your pink hair," another added.

While many were complimenting the star, other outraged fans believed her choice of swimwear was "inappropriate" around children.

"It's disgusting that's what you think is acceptable to wear around children," one said.

"A bit much around the kids now Coco," somebody else claimed.

"Girl put some clothes on when your child is around [shaking my head]," a third commented.

Fierce debate over Coco Austin's bikini choice

Those who slammed the star however were met with fierce criticism from fans who believed she was not crossing the line with her bikini.

"She’s in a bikini in The Bahamas – why should she have to adjust her clothing because there are kids? Maybe don’t teach your kids to be little prudish copies of your narrow-minded self? Give that a shot," one fan hit out.

"She's in a two-piece not naked," another said.

"I always taught my kids to not stare at people. If you don’t like seeing her ass, then don’t look at it she’s not hurting anyone," a third added.

However, those offended by the star wearing the bikini in front of children did not back down.

"There is a time and place to let it all hang out. She has a banging body but cover up some when you're in a child’s environment," a comment read.

"I wouldn’t want my babies seeing a naked ass at a KIDS water park. At home in your own privacy is totally another thing, but when you’re out in public keep in mind that not every parent wants their children exposed to nudity at such an early age," another pointed out.

"Totally agree. Inappropriate. Kids don’t need to see all that," a third responded.


Coco also shared another photo on her Instagram of her getaway in The Bahamas showing her child wearing a matching coloured bikini.

"People ask if we'll ever get sick of matching... the answer is no!! We both love it too much been doing since Chanel was born," she said.


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