Woman discovers husband's six-year secret while trying on new shoes

A woman is going viral after revealing her husband had a secret for six years which she only discovered when she was trying on her new shoes.

Anna Mellor explained in a TikTok video how she was trying on a new pair of Filla sneakers when she noticed something strange inside.

"I just discovered a six-year secret my husband has been keeping from me," the caption on her video read.

She added what she found in the shoe was a message that read: "I Filla lot better when ur around."

Ms Mellor said she then rang her husband Rory and told him she found a love letter in her shoes.

Anna Mellor shows a note in her shoes.
Anna Mellor said she found a note her husband had written in her shoes. Source: TikTok/@Mellorlite

Her husband, however, was puzzled as to why she had only just noticed an act he had been doing for six years.

"He's like, 'Are you being serious?' Acting as if I should know what's going on."

Ms Mellor explained that her husband Rory had written it in her new shoes, and it was something that he had done to all her pairs for the past six years.

Not believing that he had done this, Ms Mellor went and inspected several of her shoes and found they all had handwritten messages in them.


People were shocked by the husband's sweet act, with one saying it was the cutest thing they had seen.

"To keep doing it even though you never validated it [because] you never noticed is so cute," one said.

“It’s so much sweeter that he kept doing it even though you never praised him for it,” another added.

“Ughhh getting up to take my shoes to my husband and start an argument,” a third commented.

Another TikToker added that Rory was setting the bar high for other men.

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