8-minute Navy SEAL trick for 'best nap of your life'

A man has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a navy SEAL trick, claiming it provides “the best nap of your life.”

Nick Vitello, a 23-year-old life coach, explained the best position to nap in a TikTok video that has now gained over 14 million views.

Selfie of TikTok user Nick Vitello in a dark shirt.
TikToker Nick Vitello claims this is a navy SEAL tactic. Photo: TikTok/nick_vitello

“Here’s what you do when you’re super tired but you only have 8 minutes,” he started.

The TikToker gets down on the floor, putting his legs onto his bed as he explained how it worked: “Get on the floor. And put your feet up on the bed like this, or on something high, a couch, anything.

“Set a timer for 8 minutes and take the best nap of your life.

“It’s a navy seal trick and it works,” he promised.


Image of TikToker Nick's legs elevated on his bed as he lies down on the floor.
You need to elevate your legs for it to work. Photo: TikTok/nick_vitello

People were skeptical about Nick’s claims, and it didn’t take long for them to let him know.

“It would take me all of 8 minutes to fall asleep,” one user wrote.

“I’m going to wake up 3 hours later with dead legs for sure,” another agreed.

“I’ve been on the floor for over 24 hours (awake),” one joked.

Photo of TikToker Nick, in a dark shirt, lying on a wooden floor.
It didn't look very comfortable as Nick lay on the hard wooden floor. Photo: TikTok/nick_vitello

There were some people who agreed with Nick, with one adding, “Did this today it works,” while another replied, “I take 8 minute naps on the daily. The best 8 minutes spent.”

“I fell asleep like this with my legs up on the computer chair when I was a kid. It was completely unintentional, but man I was refreshed,” remembered another.

When one user asked why this works, a TikToker provided a possible explanation: “It’s diverting the blood that would need to perfuse to your extremities and sending it to your brain and other vital organs.”

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