Woman's Christmas tree question sparks debate: 'Am I boring?'

Gillian Wolski
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A woman has kicked off a spirited discussion online after asking if she was ‘totally boring’ for reusing the same Christmas tree decorations year after year instead of buying new ones.

“Surely I’m not the only one who doesn’t feel the need to change their Christmas decorations yearly?” she wrote in a Facebook group.

Is it "boring" to reuse the same Christmas decorations year after tear? Photo: Instagram/thepaintedhive.
Is it "boring" to reuse the same Christmas decorations year after tear? Photo: Instagram/thepaintedhive.


“Does that make me totally boring?”

The woman — who runs a DIY Instagram account called @thepaintedhive — included a snap of her stunning faux tree decked out with white stars, little wooden houses and pine cones.

She explained that she’s been recycling the same decorations every December for three years and is still just as happy with them.

“I still love the little Kmart houses, our DIY clay stars, and the $2 shop wooden bead garlands — the pinecones are simply foraged from the paddock behind our house,” she added.

“I know it's only basic, but I like the simplicity.”

Her fellow Facebook users thought that her tried and true festive decor was anything but boring.

“Why change something just for the sake of changing when it looks so lovely,” one wrote in the comments.

“Why mess with perfection!” another asked.

Others shared how long they’ve held onto their own treasured baubles and tinsel.

“I’ve kept the same decorations and tree for 25 yrs give or take. My tree is beautiful and I love it,” one wrote.

“Gorgeous. I never change either. Christmas is about pulling out long-lived decorations and the memories they carry. It shouldn't be about Instagram and faux perfection,” another added.

One user admitted to adding to their collection by buying bits and pieces over the past few years:

“I’ve slowly found my style over the last few years, and now buy one or two more a year to build my collection,” they wrote.

Another said that their children are treated to a new decoration each year but otherwise it was all about the golden oldies:

“We have the same ones every year. I give the kids each a special decoration each year for Xmas and then fill the rest of the tree with cheap baubles. It’s a work on progress,” they wrote.

The only one who didn’t seem completely on board with the woman’s so-called ‘boring’ yule-time trimmings was her four-legged pal.

“Don’t think the dog’s impressed though. ‘Same decorations again Mum?’” joked a user in the comments.

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