Who is Ashley Avignone? Meet Taylor Swift's longterm bestie

She was spotted chugging a beer with Taylor at the 2024 Super Bowl, but not everyone knows who Ashley Avignone is.

Ashley Avignone has been a longtime friend of Taylor Swift, but if you're not a diehard Swiftie, you may be wondering who she is.

Chugging her beer alongside Taylor at the 2024 Super Bowl, fans of Taylor's will know Ashley as one of Taylor's closest friends, with her name the first to appear in the secret message of Taylor's song '22'.

The two are often seen spotted together, with Ashley having accompanied Taylor to many events over the years including the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, as well as supporting her on the Eras tour and popping up in the suite for Chiefs games.

Who is Ashley Avignone?

Taylor Swift and Ashley Avignone
Taylor Swift and Ashley Avignone have been friends for over a decade. Photo:

Ashley is a stylist, who got her start as an assistant celebrity stylist before appearing on Season 3 of The Rachel Zoe Project in 2013 and later going out on her own. She also specialises in interior design.


"I assisted the best stylists in the game for about six years, and when I decided to break out on my own I was nervous,” she told Simply Inc. in a 2013 interview. “I was extremely lucky in finding representation right away. You have to believe in yourself, but it also helps when others believe in you too.”

Ashley moved on to red carpet styling, later starting her own company Avignone Studio.

When did Ashley and Taylor become friends?

Ashley and Taylor reportedly connected through Emma Stone, who is a childhood friend of Ashley's. Taylor and Ashley have now been close for years, with Ashley commemorating her friendship with Taylor in a 2019 Instagram post, calling her the "bestest friend".

“30 years of life for you, 11 years of friendship for us. Thanks for being the bestest friend, listener, dance party-starter, storyteller, haircut enthusiast, with the biggest, warmest, and most generous heart,” she wrote. “Happy Birthday Tay!! Love you to pieces."

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