Super Bowl 2024: Taylor Swift's 'inappropriate' act that left fans outraged

'It’s simply out of character for her.'

Her discography is scattered with lyrics about bottles of wine, getting drunk and “drinking beer out of plastic cups”, and yet Taylor Swift has seemingly left some fans blindsided by the fact that she drank alcohol at the 2024 Super Bowl.

The 34-year-old singer-songwriter, who sat in the VIP suite to support her Kansas City Chiefs boyfriend Travis Kelce alongside her friends Ice Spice, Ashley Avignone and Blake Lively, was filmed chugging a beer and slamming the can on the railing in front of her.

Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl.
Taylor Swift has left some fans outraged after she was shown chugging a beer at the Super Bowl. Photo: Getty

It’s unknown whether or not Taylor knew the moment was being broadcast on the big board - or that it would later be posted on the NFL’s social media accounts - but some viewers were unreasonably mad after seeing the act.

“Wow promoting alcohol such a good influence for the kids,” one person wrote, while another added, “Her brand is corrupting youth”.

“Even celebrities with hella money need alcohol to have fun. Really sad situation,” a third remarked.

“It’s not that she’s chugging beer. It’s simply out of character for her,” someone else shared.

'Get a grip'

Apart from the handful of negative comments, the majority of Swifties actually praised the Karma hitmaker for being “so relatable” and “iconic”.

“It’s completely normal for her to drink if she wants to,” a fan pointed out, followed by someone else who said, “She's 34? Heaven forbid she chug a beer. Get a grip”.

“Nice to know she’s a normal fan,” another added, with a different user writing, “Let that lady have fun”.

“Taylor Swift chugging a beer on the Jumbotron is pure game-day energy. I can only hope it was followed by a good belch,” one football fan commented.


Despite not playing football or performing the halftime show, all eyes have been on Taylor Swift throughout the Super Bowl after she flew from Tokyo to Vegas to support her boyfriend.

Fans have also pointed out that her attendance at the Super Bowl game just so happens to be the 13th game she’s attended since she started dating Travis, which is her lucky number.

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