15 Times People Broke The Ice On Dating Apps By Being As Weird As Possible

If you've ever been on a dating app, you know it's pretty common to receive some wild and weird messages. So when Reddit user u/WarmSlice1885 asked: "People who use dating apps, what is the weirdest message you've gotten to start a conversation?", so many people have opinions on the matter. Here's what they had to say below.

1."Matched with a woman. Her first message was, 'I guess you’ll do.'"

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2."A friend got the message: 'Wow, your eyes could start a cult.'"


"Not gonna lie, that one might actually work on me."


3."After my girlfriend and I started dating, she showed me her dating profile so I could see how many messages she was getting. It was about 50-70 per day, and most of them were just 'hi.' A few were really creepy: 'You look like my daughter/student/sister.' However, one stood out to us, and we still laugh about it to this day: 'You ever get fucked by a marine baby?' There were no punctuation or question marks, so we asked ourselves, 'What, like a baby shark? Baby whale?' In the end, she had 1,500 unread messages when she deactivated her account."

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4."The weirdest first message I've received was: 'My hovercraft is full of eels,' and I can't imagine what sort of conversation she expects if the person she sends the message to doesn't happen to be a Monty Python fan (we're getting old and rare here)."


5."'Excuse me, good sir, would you kindly like to hook up?' She was clearly wasted. Five minutes later, she unmatches. Apparently, she didn't like that I wasn't available immediately. This isn't a fucking Wendy's."

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6."Where's the nearest KFC to you because Friday nights are for chicken 'n dickin.'"


"Did you get original or extra crispy?"


7."I was on Bumble and got asked about my Myers-Briggs personality type. When I responded, she unmatched me immediately. I gotta respect the hustle."

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8."A woman once messaged me with something along the lines of 'Do you ever see a bunch of cheese and say damn, I want to eat that cheese. And by cheese, I mean my pussy.' I couldn’t help myself and replied that I’m lactose intolerant."


9."I was the weird one. I’d start off by commenting about something in the background of a picture. If I couldn’t think of something funny, I’d just say, 'How do you feel about geese?' Most people have strong opinions."

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10."'WHY DON'T YOU SKYDIVE INTO THIS PUSSY!!!' and then immediately unmatching me when I was like, 'Woah now...'"


11."They opened our initial conversation on PlentyofFish by asking for my detailed zombie apocalypse survival plan. I fell in love immediately. We've been married for almost 12 years now."

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12."'I want my wife to have your eyes.' I don’t think it was meant like that, but my first thought was that the dude wanted to cut out my eyeballs."


13."I once got an opening message that said something like 'You might not be the prettiest girl on here, but beauty is only a light switch away.' This was over ten years ago, and I bet that dude is still single."

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14."A woman texted me on Bumble, 'fight me,' It was the weirdest but funniest first message I ever received."


15.And finally, “'No guillotine could take away the head I would give.' LOL."


Have you ever received an incredibly weird first message on a dating app? Tell us what they said in the comments below: