Abbie Chatfield reveals surprise family news after hard-launching new boyfriend

After debuting her relationship with musician Adam Hyde, Abbie has opened up about having kids with the Peking Duk star.

Abbie Chatfield has opened up about having kids with Adam Hyde. Photo:
Abbie Chatfield has opened up about having kids with Adam Hyde. Photo:

ICYMI, in recent weeks reality star Abbie Chatfield hard-launched her boyfriend, musician Adam Hyde of Peking Duk and Keli Holiday fame. The two got candid recently on Abbie's hit podcast It's A Lot, opening up about their relationship and how they fell in love, with Abbie saying the couple are "so in love and we love talking about it".

In a new episode of It's A Lot, Abbie discussed recent life updates including getting an IUD and the discussions she and Adam have had about him having a vasectomy. While the two aren't looking to start a family soon, Abbie said it's the first relationship she's been in where she wants to have kids.

“So, I went to get an IUD because I don't want to get pregnant because I fear with Adam if I got pregnant, I probably would keep it and that would mean that our lives would change forever," Abbie shared. "If I get pregnant, we would have money, we're both old enough, we both own property. We're both like, fine. There wouldn't be a reason to not, and we're both very in love and also, he's so emotionally mature and such an adult that he would be a good father."

Adam Hyde and Abbie Chatfield. Photo:
Adam Hyde and Abbie Chatfield. Photo:


Abbie shared that with every other person she's dated, she wouldn't have had kids with them if she were to have fallen pregnant.

"So, everyone else that I've dated or even been near, I would be like, ‘Oh, straight up wouldn't have the baby because you're an awful person at your core... you’re not an adult or whatever. There's something really not fatherly about you’. It was okay, like, I know what I would do.

Abbie went on to say with Adam, she knows that she'd want to have his kids and it makes her "cry all the time".

Abbie Chatfield and boyfriend Adam Hyde
The two have publicly gushed about each other ever since their hard launch. Photo:


“But with Adam, I'd want to have his, I'd want to have his kids, like I cry all the time about wanting his children. And we both have amazing mums who would love us to have grandkids as well," she said.

Listen to the full episode of It's A Lot here.

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