Baffling 'wedgie' shorts trend stuns

A very unusual new trend has come roaring into our newsfeeds just in time for summer, but even the most daring dresser may balk at trying this itty-bitty look on for size.

The look in question is a deliberate wedgie, made possible by a special pair of ruched shorts designed to sit in the butt in a daring display of your most cheeky asset.

Fashion Nova Second to None romper bum detail
This very cheeky romper is set to be the next saucy trend this summer. Photo: Fashion Nova

The new item comes from fashion retailer Fashion Nova, known for regularly hitting the market with unusual looks, and this latest is no exception.

Retailing for $49 for Aussie shoppers, the look is a brown jumpsuit called the Second To None Romper, and it leaves very little to the imagination.

Image of woman wearing fashion nova jumpsuit
The suit features a drawstring detail to adjust the cheekiness. Photo: Fashion Nova
Woman poses in jumpsuit from Fashion nova skin tight bum cleavage
The front of the suit is also daring, with a plunging neckline and skin-tight fit. Photo: Fashion Nova

With a plunging neckline and a skin-tight fit, even from the front, the jumpsuit is sure to turn heads, but it’s from behind where the true envelope-pushing happens.

The romper comes with a drawstring attached to the middle seam in the back, allowing the wearer to adjust the butt-baring level to their own taste.


Above the drawstring is a cutout detail, giving the wearer a flattering drawn-in waist effect.

The overall look seems to introduce the idea of bums as cleavage in a very unusual new trend going forwards.

The suit is 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex, lending its figure-hugging quality, but perhaps a dangerous choice for the sweatier summer days.

Woman poses in jumpsuit with bum cleavage
A cut out detail in the romper give the suit a flattering waist line. Photo: Fashion Nova

It’s not the first eyebrow-raising trend to make a splash ahead of summer.

Tammy Hembrow caused quite a stir on Instagram last week with a sneak peek of a very risky trend on the cards for beachgoers this year.

The fitness entrepreneur and mum-of-two sizzled in poolside snaps wearing a scarf-style snakeskin bikini that wraps around her neck, crossing across her chest to tie at the back.

Tammy Hembrow bikini scarf underboob
Tammy Hembrow has fashion followers predicting an underboob-heavy summer. Photo: Instagram/ tammyhembrow

The result is a very saucy flash of underboob, as the scarf separates to cover each breast and, depending on how you style it, leaves little to the imagination in the process.

Other swimwear brands are also following suit.

Emily Ratajowski’s famous Inamorata Woman swimwear collection recently unveiled a similar scarf-style beachwear with the same daring underboob cut.

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