Tammy Hembrow stuns in high-waisted bikini for new campaign

Tammy Hembrow has sent temperatures soaring after releasing the latest campaign shots from her new collection with Boohoo.

The Instagram fitness star, alongside her sisters. Emilee, Starlette and Amy, are one of the most followed families on the social media site with a following of 13 million.

Tammy Hembrow in a white bikini and denim jacket
Tammy Hembrow has released her second collection with Boohoo. Photo: Supplied

Likened to the Kardashians, the Hembrows have now released their second collaboration with Boohoo, a capsule collection of swimwear, athleisure, denim co-ords, jumpsuits and mini dresses.

Tammy can be seen in images from the campaign looking stunning a white and lilac high-waisted swimsuit, pairing one of them with a denim jacket.


Tammy Hembrow in a purple bikini
The Instagram star posed in a number of bikinis. Photo: Supplied
Tammy Emilee, Starlette and Amy Hembrow pose for Boohoo collection shots
Tammy and her sisters, . Emilee, Starlette and Amy, have all released the collection together. Photo: Supplied

In other snaps, the sisters can all be seen posing around the pool of the luxury Gold Coast estate where the shoot was held.

Tammy revealed that while the new collection is one of the highlights of her year, coronavirus restrictions have been hard on her.

“Travel has been the biggest challenge, not being able to travel freely for work along with personal,” she said.

Tamy Hembrow in a purple bikini and white boots
Tammy said one of the biggest challenges for her this year has been around travel. Photo: Supplied
The Hembrow sisters
The Hembrow sisters have been likened to the Australian version of the Kardashians. Photo: Supplied

However, she revealed that lockdown has brought the family all closer together.

“We all live 10 minutes away from each other and there hasn’t been much more to do but hang out and see each other,” she said.

“We weren’t travelling so we were all lucky that we were able to be together. It’s been really nice being so close.”

Last month, Tammy went Instagram official with her new boyfriend, athlete Matt Poole, with her sister, Emilee teasing her about ‘falling in love’.

When asked what their highlight of the year has been Emilee responded saying: “Opening Sskin. Tammy, yours would be falling in love? Haha.”

Tammy laughed and said: “No comment.”

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