'Not cool': Outrage over tiny face mask bikini

An influencer has been slammed online after fashioning a bikini out of face masks.

Rianne Meijer, who has 1.3 million followers online took to her Instagram page over the weekend to promote Borat 2 on Amazon Prime with a very unusual video.

Rianne Meijer in a face mask bikini
Rianne Meijer has been slammed for her use of PPE in her latest Instagram video. Photo: Instagram/rianne.meijer

Rianne uploaded the video, where she showed ‘4 different ways to style mask’, including a heap of them tied together to form a string bikini.

While many found the skit hilarious, others were outraged at the use of PPE, which has been in short supply during the coronavirus pandemic.


The influencer was promotion Borat 2. Photo: Instagam/rianne.meijer

“Why you waste masks like that?” one person wrote, while another simply said: “Just no.”

“What a waste of PPE,” another person commented, with another saying: “You are so great & I love your content usually. But wasting masks is not something that should be advertised.”

Influencer in a face mask bikini
What a waste of PPE' one person commented. Photo: Instagam/rianne.meijer
face mask bikini
In an Instagram story, Rianne explained the bikini was made from her old face masks. Photo: Instagam/rianne.meijer

The Dutch influencer has a strong following online due to her relatable content, which sees her compare Instagram to normal life.

In a series of photos she shows the reality of what goes on behind the lens, earning her a legion of avid followers.

Rianne isn’t the only person in the public eye to have fashioned another item of clothing out of face masks.

Comedian Chelsea Handler previously shocked fans by posting a snap in a tiny face mask bra.

While working out with her trainer, Chelsea donned the minuscule bra, which she had coined together by taking two blue and white face masks and tying them together in the middle.

Chelsea Handler working out in a face mask bra
Chelsea Handler also donned a tiny face mask bra. Photo: Instagram/Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler working out in face masks
The 45-year-old tied two face masks together to make the bra. Photo: Instagram/Chelsea Handler

The 45-year-old also donned a mask over her mouth for the sweat session, which she paired with a pair of grey tights and trainers.

“This is, by far, the best photo you have ever posted,” actress Kristen Bell wrote in the caption.

Other fans agreed, saying: “You look amazing” and one person even calling it “The new #2020bikini”

While fans were focused on her DIY sports bra, the photo was actually accompanied by a gushing birthday post to her trainer, Ben Bruno.

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