Wedding guest's white gown sparks fierce debate: 'Disrespectful'

The wedding guest has been put on blast by social media users

A wedding in Malibu took an unexpected turn when the bride-to-be discovered a female friend of her groom wearing a white gown just moments before walking down the aisle at their Super Mario-themed nuptials.

The incident has sparked a fierce debate on social media, with sceptics divided on who is to blame for the fashion faux pas.

Miami-based TikTok user Kristina Drobach, 28, initially shared her frustration in a video, which she deleted and then later reposted.

Woman in a white dress at wedding goes on TikTok
In the viral clip, Drobach explained that everyone at the wedding was talking about the incident, suggesting Kaufman looked like a bride. Photo: TikTok/drobach

“This girl wore a legit white dress to my friend’s wedding,” she ranted in her exposé.

The viral clip garnered over 20 million views, featuring the offending wedding guest, Lana Kaufman, a married mother-of-four from Texas, donning a white two-piece frock with puffy sleeves, exposed midriff, and mid-thigh split from Ukrainian fashion house Gasanova.


Under the hashtag #GirlInTheWhiteDress, which has accumulated over 500,000 views on TikTok, digital critics fiercely criticised Kaufman for her choice of attire, calling it "disrespectful" and "an attention-grab."

In response to Kaufman's dress, Drobach explained in a subsequent video that it drew significant attention, with some attendees mistaking her for the bride.

“Everybody was talking about the lady wearing this gown,” she said in her post, which has a staggering 4.2 million views. “One of the workers from the venue came to my fiancé and asked if [Kaufman] was the bride.”

The situation was further exacerbated by the presence of the mother-of-the-bride and another guest, both also wearing white dresses.

Nonetheless, Kaufman's attire was singled out due to its resemblance to a wedding gown. “From far away, she looked like a bride,” concluded Drobach.

Angry social media users called Kaufman
Angry social media users called Kaufman "disrespectful" for wearing a white dress to a wedding. Photo: TikTok/drobach

Drobach claimed that the bride, her longtime friend of nearly a decade, expressed disappointment over Kaufman's outfit and even voiced her upset to the groom. However, in the interest of a peaceful ceremony, the couple and their guests chose not to make a scene about the matter.

On the other hand, Kaufman, known as the "Girl in the white dress," defended herself in her own TikTok account, explaining that she chose white as one of the approved dress code colours designated by the bride and groom.

Explaining her choice, Kaufman wrote, “I just picked white from four dress code colours,” indicating that the bride and groom had earmarked white as an approved colour to wear for their wedding.

While some viewers supported Kaufman, claiming she followed the approved dress code, many others vehemently disagreed.

"You knew what you were doing," scolded one critic, while another incensed onlooker questioned: "I just wanna know what did the bride ever do to you?"

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