'So tacky': Braless sister-in-law roasted over wedding outfit

A woman has taken to Reddit to question the outfit her sister-in-law wore to her wedding asking the Internet, "What's worse? [Sister-in-law] - No bra or wearing white?"

Reddit user u/thisbinchemptyyeeeet shared a photo of herself and her sister-in-law with their faces cut out, showing the outfit in question:

Woman going braless and wearing white at wedding
The Internet has roasted a woman for going braless and wearing white to her brother and sister-in-law's wedding. Photo: Reddit/u/thisbinchemptyyeeeet

She added, "Some more info: SIL wears a bra every single day of the year, except on wedding day. If she was a 'free the nipple' type of person, it would've been just fine."

"This wouldn't had mattered as much had she not been groom's SISTER and the casual-ness of the outfit versus it actually being white. PS her guest also wore white."

One user commented, "This is just so tacky. The entire outfit is wrong for the occasion and the way she's resting her boobs on the bride is pretty strange too. In the bin!"

Someone else added, "Oof. I don’t typically wear bras. But. This is so cringe. If you’re the type of person to wear bras this is not the time to free the nip."

"I definitely wouldn’t have shown up like this. Inexcusable!"

Another added, "Definitely wanting all the attention."

One person said that the outfit "reflects poorly" on the poster's sister-in-law, "Without a doubt, your SIL’s outfit was, to put it gently, questionable. Your dress, however, looked absolutely lovely!

"To be honest, I feel a bit bad for your SIL because it reflects poorly on her. I don’t know if she was trying to make a statement. If so, her statement was 'I am tacky, trashy, and have no grasp of basic etiquette.'

"For the sake of benefit of the doubt, it is possible she is really THAT socially backwards?"

Others suggested "she knew what she was doing" and was "definitely wanting all the attention".

The poster also added, "I called her out on it eventually, her thinking [was] 'you guys were already married' as we got court house married a few months before our wedding."

It seemed that most people commenting believed the sister-in-law was more in the wrong for not wearing a bra rather than for wearing white pants – especially given the poster explained she normally wears a bra everywhere, except for this one occasion.

However, a lot of other commenters thought it wasn't right that she wore white. Others thought it was wrong how underdressed she was for a formal wedding.

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