'Creepy!': Bride shocked to see her future mother-in-law's wedding outfit

A bride has taken to Reddit to share a story of her wedding that has stunned readers.

The woman, who goes by the username u/AITAthedress on Reddit, shared her story in the sub-Reddit Am I the A**hole where people ask if they're the person who is in the wrong in different situations.

A bride has shared the story of her future mother-in-law that rivals the movie Monster-In-Law. Photo: New Line Cinema
A bride has shared the story of her future mother-in-law that rivals the movie Monster-In-Law. Photo: New Line Cinema

She wrote that when she and her now-husband were getting married, both sides of the family were very excited for the wedding.

The bride said, "I was talking to my MIL [mother-in-law] about our plans and told her our colour schemes. She was excited to buy a dress and while I didn’t really care if they matched the bridal party, she said she wanted to complement the colour scheme.

"My bridesmaids were wearing Navy Blue and the groomsmen were wearing Grey suits. My MIL said she was going to let my mom pick her dress first and then go off of that."

A few weeks later, the mother-in-law messaged the bride saying she'd picked up her dress. The bride was surprised since the mother-in-law said she'd let her mum pick a dress first. But when she saw the image, she was shocked.

"It was a freaking wedding dress!! It was an ivory colour, lots of beading, and it even had a small train. She kept saying it was 'cream champagne' coloured, but it was basically a wedding dress. My own dress was ivory and they looked like the same colour. Hers honestly had even more detail than mine," the bride wrote.

She ended up telling her mother-in-law that she couldn't wear the dress to the wedding and that it needed to be returned.

The bride continued, "She wasn’t able to return the dress because most dress places have a no-returns policy, so she had to eat the cost of it. She ended up buying another dress but she wasn’t happy about it and was angry she had to spend double the money."

"Anyone I’ve told this story to has had one of two reactions: either she was totally not cool for doing that, or I was being a total bridezilla by making her buy a second dress," she said.

Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez in Monster-In-Law
Some users on Reddit compared the bride's mother-in-law with Jane Fonda in Monster-In-Law, who wore a wedding dress to her son's wedding. Photo: New Line Cinema

People quickly responded to the bride saying she was definitely not the one in the wrong, with one user labelling her mother-in-law as "creepy".

They wrote, "Soooooo creepy when future MILs do that," someone else agreed saying, "Unless you’re the bride, that’s just tacky."

Some said it reminded them of the movie Monster-In-Law where Jane Fonda’s character shows up to her son’s wedding in a wedding dress.

Other users suggested that the only kinds of dress shops that have a no returns policies are bridal stores, "You know what dress places have no return policies? Bridal dress shops. Your MIL bought a wedding dress. She's got no room to complain if she wasn't allowed to wear it," one person said.

Another user suggested the bride should have let the mother-in-law wear the dress so the other guests could have seen her "true colours".

Someone else wrote, "You don't wear white to someone else's wedding. You DEFINITELY do not wear white for your son's wedding.

"She's not spending double money, she spent money for the dress she's going to wear, and then she spent some money on a wedding dress because she's delusional.

"I'd work on your husband a bit to make sure he knows the ONLY CORRECT RESPONSE if anyone complains about it – 'I'm marrying one woman that day, and it ain't my mum.'"

Unsurprisingly, the bride was given the group's tick of approval as well as the label of "not the a**hole".

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