Wedding guest slammed for 'appalling' dinner act: 'Spoiled brat'

A wedding guest has been dragged online after she revealed her son's "appalling" move during the reception dinner.

Posting on Reddit, the mum explained she was at her cousin's wedding with her 22-year-old son, who she described as a picky eater,

While the wedding was a "nice buffet" with soup, salad, tenderloin, barbecue beef and pasta, her son "wasn't a fan" of what was being served.

The mum said she then allowed her son to take her car to get some food elsewhere to bring back to the venue.

Outdoor wedding place settings for bride and groom at picnic table. Rustic farmhouse flair with roses and vintage mismatched plates.
The wedding guest was not a fan of the buffet meal at the reception. Source: Getty

"Word spread amongst our family where he was going and a few people asked him to bring things back so he did," she said.

"We are at a table near the dance floor and you could probably smell it there but nobody in our immediate family had a problem (even the bride and groom)."

The mum said however the bride's family were "appalled", along with the wedding venue.

"It was a great party but he wanted something different and other people did too," she further explained.

Asking Reddit if it was the wrong move, many responded savaging the guest for leaving to buy food elsewhere during the reception.

"You should have arranged something beforehand instead of doing it like this," one slammed the guests.

"[You] embarrassed the venue because you all showed publicly you did not like their food, and angered the bride’s family because they most likely paid a good amount of money for the food you publicly replaced," another claimed.

"If you were invited to a dinner party, would you leave halfway through to get fast food and bring it back to eat at the dinner table?"


Another Redditor labelled the son a "spoiled brat" while others were shocked by his behaviour given he was 22 years old.

"I think it’s rude to bring outside food in because it’s disrespectful to everyone who planned and put together the reception," one furious commenter wrote.

"Tacky, and also probably a slew of health code violations," another said.

"I don’t think 22-year-old toddler should even be at a wedding," a third mocked.

Not many people were in support of the wedding guests, but some suggested he should have at least eaten the food in the car before returning to the reception, and not offered to bring any back for other attendees.

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