Bride's X-rated wedding cake topper ridiculed

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A bride has been slated online after posting a screenshot of the kind of topper she would like for her wedding cake.

In a post on Reddit, the poster claimed the bride initially asked about the cake topper in a wedding group on Facebook, saying she was looking to buy one for under $180.

sexy wedding cake topper
A bride's wedding cake topper has gone viral. Photo: Reddit

However, some people were left shocked when they saw that she was actually searching for ‘sexy cake toppers’ and the one she wanted showed the groom with his hand on his new wife’s red underwear.

People couldn’t believe that the woman was actually going to put the topper atop her cake on her big day.

“I don’t understand why some couples are so insistent on reminding their guests that they have sex,” one person wrote.

“We get it, you have sex, your whole family probably doesn't need to think about it though,” another said.


gorgeous bride and stylish groom tasting their stylish wedding cake at wedding reception in restaurant. happy newlywed couple eating piece of cake, funny emotional moment
People couldn't understand why the woman would want to put such a sexy topper on her cake. Photo: Getty Images

“The only thing that could possibly make this tackier is making the thong camo or even pink camo. This is just NO!” another commenter wrote.

However, others disagreed, with one person writing: “A cake topper of two figures staged like those awful blow job wedding photos would be more tacky”

Another said: “This topper would be funny for a bachelorette cake, or a small cake to share in private with your new hubby when you're getting horny on your honeymoon, but not for your actual wedding.”

One person simply wrote: “I think it’s cute”.

It comes after a lingerie-inspired wedding dress sparked conversation online in August.

The dress appeared in a Facebook group and featured a see-through skirt with a leotard-style top.

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